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The man was cut off from the ages with his companion

The 55-year-old patient in hospital with 2/3 had a broken condition, notably related to skin.

The man said he had split his wife and now living with another woman. He had a friend again with a third. Due to jealousy, this woman uses a knife for a curtain near her sweetheart.

The patient was taken to Duc Duc's Emergency Hospital at the beginning of February in a 2/3 genital condition that was broken, notably related to the & # 39; skin.

Medical surgery over 10 hours contributed to the sound, the articles and the pneumonia for the patient. After being married, the section is well cut. Patients were issued before they arrived.

Pair the penalty after being cut off.

The genitive tariff operation center is split.

Doctors said that issues were successfully suspended by a penalty, often, properly protected bankruptcy, the full capacity and function of this department was 80-90%. South Westerly

The way to store the broken arm is to be put in sliced ​​plastic bags or put in a clean cloth and put them in a ice pack. Do not let the parts have no direct connection to the stone causing cold burns to leading to very important killings, healing.

After that, the patient should be moved to a medical facility as soon as possible (not more than 6 hours before) to restart from surgery.

For a piece that needs to be rebuilt as a result of a broken part loss, doctors need to use design methods through a portion of the back skin that is compatible with blood vessels. If the rings are still whole, the last ones still have a fertility.

The Vietnamese Duchess Hospital was once unexpectedly sick. Young men with mental illness, and dreamers, should be girls; cutting their generations. The patient was taken to hospital after cutting his cut for about 10 hours. The doctors had a laboratory, which linked to; little boy to the patient.

Thuy Quynh

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