The motion is not hot

The "spread" fashion is one of the hot movements in the world. He was born with the purpose of asking women to give freedom of freedom to stop the risk of chronic cancer and many other dangerous diseases. The style is "split" long-sleeved, long-sleeved, Hollywood's favorite, including Kendall Jenner.

Every time Kendall Jenner is on the road, almost every one is free. In this way, a shirt is not a "lost" button.

In Vietnam, this humorous feature has been popular with many Vietnamese stars, including Miss Mai Phuong Thuy.

Mai Phuong Thuy's shirtless shirt has been caused after many years after the entertainment ceremony.

At the age of 30, Mai Phuong Thuy is still very seamless, no.

After 12 years, Miss Vietnam Mai, Mai Phuong Thuy is still a hot name, the audience is interested in all the like.

The Bich Phuong singer recently made the fans surprised when the move from the image of a girl was physically and physically accustomed to becoming an adult.

The image of a "cheap" shirt of Bich Phuong is mixed with many ideas, some propaganda praise, criticism.

Decorated as Phuong Bich, Ha Ho needs to be encouraged when it is near the gap.

At the same time, Angela Phuong showed a few moments of poor grace in some parts because the shirt is explained.

The landlord Thanh Hang liked a tasty shirt.

Ha Anh is the most homosexual model in Vietnam. It is uncommon that she is so attractive to her.

Minh Trieu also supports fans when the fashion is not inside.

Elly Chen shows a seamless appearance with such a late shirt.

Chung Shu Quyen makes clothes long-sleeve & # 39; he is attending the event.

Despite very little but Chi Pu is still choosing to & # 39; show the style without folding inside.

Miss na Stàts show confidently about a full deal after plastic surgery.

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