The Myanmar banner wire, which prevents Vietnam fans to go to; buy a 2018 AFF Cup entertainment tickets

Thuwunna does not have a place for the Myanmar-Vietnam battle. Photograph: MFFSouth Westerly

"We would like to remind Vietnam fans not to buy home tickets from Myanmar fans, if those fans do, we will stop them," the News release on Myanmar Football Association home page.

This application is designed to prevent a conflict between two fans in the centers Even the organizers would need to make wire between the two areas.

Myanmar's home games this year are played on Thuwunna (Yangon) ground – a capacity of 32,000. In the first game against Cambodia, there were nearly 27,000 spectators. It is likely that Thuwunna will be filled when they host to Hang Parker's teaching tonight.

At the AFF Cup two years ago in Thuwunna, Myanmar 350 sold tickets to the visitors. However, Vietnam's listeners are trying to buy tickets from Myanmar people at high prices. This included an episode of the game A on red color with Vietnamese fans. That game won, the team under the coach Nguyen Huu Thang 2-1.

The highest ticket for entry to Thuwunna Stadium is 5,000 kyat (approximately 75,000).

Xuan Binh

Readers to believe and write; make a coach online with 2018 AFF Cup

Including the largest football event in the south east of Asia, VnExpress Organize a series of award winning programs with A 201 201 Couples. Readers can take part in four different games, including: Sùil-shealladh, Score, Competition, Especially being Coaches Online. for the Vietnam team to first set up for each game.

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The results will be published immediately after their game, and the prize will be held at VnExpress in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City within a final week; competition.

All awards will be published in the AFF Cup:

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