The old leader C50 Nguyen Thanh Hoa explains the application for & # 39; incapable & # 39; News

"When I was arrested in hospital, my head was not aware"

On the afternoon of November 20, the Trial Panel holds its " quiz the accused Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who was the chief worker, who was a leader of the Crimean Offender Bureau of high tech technology (C50).

He was allowed to sit in the city's statement, but the defendant Hoa said that the health is good, and; let the defender stand, when he settles tired.

Response to the Channel Writing Panel. 352 dated 15.7.2016 Public Security Ministry's report on an online online game online situation in Vietnam, featuring beautiful CNT connecting connections online on the Rikvip online game. com and, which are already licensed. Hoa alleged that this document was signed by Mr Phan Van Vinh, the defendant himself signed his name. However, the voter stated that the document was written by the C50, the content mentioned above when the defendant was not protected by the name, but indeed until name of the General Department of its name Police, back there.
Responding to other questions about the panel, defense guard Nguyen Thanh Hoa said that the face company was not CNC: "I certify that CNC has never been a company in the 2011 screening time. -2015, and only all memorandums do not show that the business is a screenplay, "said the securityist, and said that he would not be rated at a level the survey.

"So why did the defendant say it's a business company?" "When I was arrested, my health was unstable, my mind was not awakened," said Hoa.

[VIDEO] Nguyen Thanh Hoa talks about why he wants to establish a trading company on November 20,

HĐXX continues to report the chemistry statement that was prosecuted at the inquiry, which was expressed long ago; The CNC is a company of a C50 screen, the person who asked Hoa has asked her; This monthly, monthly, annual report company sends to C50 "." The certificate was held when I was tired so it was not true. At that time I was very tired, my camp is very hot, so my health is not stable, "the person who, despite their loyal, continues to excuse.

"If I get out I do not do it, it's my responsibility."

Answering a & # 39; chairman, his / her game can not be considered to be & # 39; fighting or not, the defendant Nguyen Thanh Hoa said: "The Ministry of Information licensing – Communications, if they do not have an administrative penalty. If I find out, I do not do it, I am has the new responsibility. "

The chairperson continued: "Over the last few days, those who have been accused of see agents see their online online search activities. With the post of C50 Director , what do the defenders think about? "" Many images present a ceilidh-war in cyberspace, this is the work of the A87 and the Ministry of Information and Communications. the only technical unit for detecting crime marks, "said Hoa's guardian, at the same time saying they are not online enough and they do not know how to play games.

On the arguments of the accused Nguyen Thanh Hoa, representatives of the Vietnam Republic of the Republic still sent a document 190 days from August 7, 2012, with a red sign sent by Mr Hoa to & # 39; politburo suggestion – to use logistics to use Number 10 Ho Chi Minh for CNC. In this text many times CNC's showcase as business companies.

"How will the defenders explain their designated documents, unless initially outsourced?", Representatives from the State Commission, and referring to the defendant if the correct idea is loose situations. However, the incident has not responded directly to the exposed definition, saying that the rent of the Assistant Interest is over the case.

Ending on & # 39; question, the NRC's production office noted that proof of the loyalty's loyalty would be an emergency. This case will be passed by the procurator in the impeachment section.

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