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It is not possible to recommend additional issues of special amnesty

The Amendment (Amendment) Act was issued by a 92.99% vote.

The Law of Amnesty Special (enhanced) will affect 1-7-2019. The law includes 6 chapters, 39 articles, and # 39; Explain the principles, time, order, methods, ability and responsibility for the implementation of a special amnesty; The rights, rights and responsibilities of persons offered for special amnesty; The rights and responsibilities of the amnesty.

The Chairman of the National Assembly's Judgments Committee, Le Thi Nga, in the report on the views of the representatives of the National Assembly, stated that the draft legislation for which a special amnesty was not praised for the convicted person. prison for two offenses: sabotage of materials and technical facilities of the Vietnam Republic of Socialism (Article 114), the crime against its stewardship (Section 119).

On a particular point of amnesty (Article 5), Mrs. Le Thi Nga is the current law law draft law, which sets out humanity in our country's legal policy. According to the Chairman of the Committee of the Judges of the National Assembly, a country in the world is not specifically specified in law regarding the frequency of a special amnesty, which is assigned to the head of State based on the special powers of the land. water in each stage.

In the opinion of representatives of the National Assembly; recommends to the Government to define the "criteria that determine the nation's major event", the Sustainable Committee of the National Assembly said that the major events of the country were " happening on all The political, economic, cultural and social areas are different, so if the specific criteria for the definition of this event in the legal document are not specified, the scope of the legal document may not be fully full. Therefore, the National Assembly's Sustainability Committee proposes to prescribe the rules on a special amnesty such as the draft law and assign the President in accordance with the law and the situation of the country in each time to co – to make a special Amnesty, to meet the practical requirements set

Determination must be confirmed before being discharged

The Cultivation law was passed by a vote of 93.81%. Law includes 7 chapters, 85 articles, rules on agricultural activities; Rights and responsibilities of organizations and individuals involved in agriculture; State management of cultivation. The law will be fulfilled from 1-1-2020.

Electronic screens show the results of the Law on Cultivation.

The Chairman of the Committee on Science, Technology and Environment, Phan Xuan Dung, said that the National Assembly has agreed to state that a deed must be determined before being identified. circulated. Some of the undeveloped fertilizers include: organic fertilizers used for complex fertilizers that include organic and organic material; meet the quality standards in accordance with national technical rules; Irregular fertilizer is used for a & # 39; use roots that contain only nitric or potassium or potassium to meet quality standards in line with national technical standards; Unregistered fertilizers are mixed by just elements of nitric, potassium and potassium combined with chemical connections that meet the quality standards of national technical standards. The Peasants are recognized by state regulatory bodies as advanced technical advances.

In terms of trading conditions for fertilizers, the law establishes the need for certificates that are suitable for the purchase and sale of fertilizers by organizations and people who are infected for fertilizers. buying and selling fertilizers. Therefore, the conditions for certificates suitable for purchase and sale of fertilizers are: obtaining commercial and legal transaction places; Receive full records and documents on contamination search according to rules; Supervisory merchants must be trained and constructed under the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, except those who have had intermediate or high measures in one of the specialization of agriculture, plant protection , new chemistry, new science, agronomy, chemistry, biology.

Add to & # 39; national reserve policy for stock products

Law on Livestock was approved with 93.61% of votes. The law will be fulfilled from 1-1-2020. The law includes 08 chapters, 83 articles on stock representations, rights and responsibilities of groups and individuals in animal life and stock status management.

Lightning screen showing Animal Law results.

At the previous sessions, some of the members of the National Assembly argued that the stock status policy remains very useful and so difficult to be involved in the use. which is proposed to incorporate policy on national resources for stock products such as chicken and chicken in a flexible manner to make a livestock stock market stable; Other considerations that should be considered support policy, State investment should be based on the balance of resources being able.

The Chairman of the Committee of the National Assembly for Science, Technology and Environment Phan Xuan Dung explained that the policy is a principle, based on the State's requirements and budget capabilities in all times. The Government and the areas have encouraged concrete measures to implement them in practice. The National Assembly's Sustainable Committee accepted views on stock stock stocks and added it to the draft law, and at the same time, in order to bring this policy into effect, to the Government based on the practical requirements and potential. To submit to the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee to consider and add to the list of national conservation materials.

Before the views of some delegates considered the regulations regarding the planning of feeding mills to overcome the unfair distribution, management deficit, Mr Phan Xuan Dung said, in accordance with the laws The Law on Enterprises, the Law on free Enterprises, organizations and individuals to do and write; doing business in the fields that are not prohibited by law, including food. On the other hand, the investment and construction of the mills is the responsibility of the stock development strategy, animals of each area and market demand.

To promote the role of the State in the management, guidance and supply of information for the animal food market, the Lagunk provides for the national foodstuff database in Article 11, a strategy for animal development ( Article 5), therefore, do not install life mills in Draft Lag.

The Vietnam Coast Guard is obliged to protect national security

The Vietnam Coastland Act was approved by a 96.29% agreement. Law includes 8 chapters, 41 articles, regulations on occupations, actions, functions and powers; organize and work the Vietnam Costa Blade; regulations and policies for Vietnam Marine Police; and the responsibilities of organizations, organizations and individuals involved. The law will come true on July 1st,

At the sessions, some delegates suggested that Vietnam's military policemen was responsible for the protection of widespread national security, including the Navy and other forces; Provide more detailed suggestions on the obligations of the Vietnam Coast Guard to collect information, & # 39; analyze, evaluate and & # 39; Look at the situation to recommend guidance and solutions to protect national security and sovereignty. in Vietnamese waters.

The representatives of the National Assembly will be pushed to; button to vote on the Vietnam Coast Guard law.

Chairman of the Defense and Security Committee of the National Assembly, Vo Trong Viet, explained that the Vietnam Coast Guard was a national security defense agency and one of the forces dedicated to protecting sovereignty, national security at sea; To coordinate with other forces to bring integrated power into a full game in managing and running. protecting overseas overseas and the islands of Vietnam. Therefore, the draft law states that the Vietnam Coast Guard is obliged to collect, evaluate, evaluate and repose information to provide guidance, solutions and plans for national security protection. Not to go over with the Navy and other forces.

In fear of the fact that the Eastern Vietnam Guard has to be able to; protect, analyze and write; controlling the duties and responsibilities of the fishing control, he says that Mr. Vo Trong Viet says Vietnamese Coast Gardens and all Vietnamese fishing activities have specific specific actions, powers and powers, suitable for its position and role in accordance with specialist legal provisions. In addition, the draft law sets out its position; Principal to co-ordinate the handling of law breach on the & # 39; sea ​​related to the functions and actions of many forces to deal quickly and effectively with the breach of the law in the & sea. , to strengthen the strength of the forces together in the management and protection of the sea and islands. Therefore, the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee recommended that the National Assembly should continue to draft this law to be submitted to the National Assembly.

Extend devolution for higher education centers

The Law on Higher Education changed at 84.12% of the vote. The Law has been amended and added by Arctic 37 of the Law on Higher Education. The law will come true from July 1, 2019.

The law decides to have a higher education level of education; including university degree, masters degree and doctoral degree. Training methods for delivering degrees in higher education include: regular study, work, distance learning. Transformation of the training form will be done according to its interconnection principle. Higher education institutions can organize regular educational activities, short-term training and qualification services, accreditation certificates and qualifications appropriate to their branches and their training areas in accordance with the Law provisions to meet the lifelong learning needs the learners. The Government will manage a specific specialist training level.

Regarding the devolution of third-level educational establishments, the law states: "Devolution is in academic, in professional activities that include the dissemination and implementation of quality and quality policies, Brancan, recording, training, scientific and technological activities, home and abroad cooperation in accordance with legal arrangements. Devolution in organizing and staffing includes the distribution and implementation of internal rules on organizational structure, work structure, list, criteria and regulations of each job post; employing, using and leaving lecturers, staff and other staff; – to decide on leadership or guidance staff in third-level educational establishments in accordance with the rules of law. Devolution in finance and ownership includes the distribution and implementation of rules within him revenue sources, management and use of financial resources and assets; To attract investment capital resources; tuition fees, scholarships for students and other policies in accordance with the law. "

Phan Thanh Binh, chairman of the Committee of the National Assembly for Culture, Education, Youth, Children and Children, said that the law describes the content of academic devolution in professional activities, individuals and property finance in Sections 3, 4 and 5 of Article 32 and explaining these contents in corresponding articles and laws in the law. Most of the content related to assignation (such as definition of registration quotes, content, training programs, organization and training guidance, scientific research …) have been submitted to Devolution schools Decided by current law, except for the opening of the training. This draft law expands devolution, and, allows centers university education In order to meet the conditions for quality assurance and suitability of applications, open the training branch at all levels of education university education, except in health areas, teacher training and security and protection.

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