The photo of a gold shop was stolen in Quang Nam

On November 20, Huynh Duc Tien, gold shop owner Kim Dung II (Trung Trung block, Dien Ngoc ward, Dien Ban's town, Quang Nam area) with pictures and clips taken from 6 Register & # 39; camera was the golden beacon scene that took place on the afternoon of 19-11.

The exhibition of gold shops was stolen in Quang Nam - Picture 1.

A portrait of young men who use the hammer to conserve and blow a blow; running golden gold

Mr Tien said when a gold shop was stolen, his wife is standing near the gold range, and Mr Tien is standing inside.

"We just heard the fishing, I saw a young man with yellow gold and jumped on his motorcycle running. When I ran a few steps, running back and forth on the side of Hoi An. said a few hours, "told Tien Tien the story.

A stolen gold shop view in Quang Nam - Picture 2.

Gold Delicious Gold Shop Kim Dung II

According to Mr Tien, because the campaign was going into the golden gown as soon as it was; and the family turned and did not answer it. Continuing after & # 39; uninhabited clan. Later on, the family had worked on their local police.

Clip Young men have a stop on her. motorcycle before the shop and running into the gold stole

"Young men travel a Honda Future motorcycle (not the previous Sirius motorcycle as previously stated)." After stopping her & # 39; bicycle, run the man into the shop, with a knit to hit the glass case. The smell of gold was less than 2 seconds to help us, "said Mr Tien.

According to Tien, the total amount of gold coins took over 5 golden trees and a value of around 100 million. At present, Dien Ban's home police investigate the research.

The male haired boy cursed his glass, gold and ran away

It is worth mentioning, during the time, in the area of ​​the continuing gold Dien Ban's homeless gold that causes the people to become serious. Especially, at about 17:30 p.m. 17-6, after a number of trips in front of Thao Van Gold Shop (Bo Ham 3, Dien Thang Bac), a young boy (aged 22 years old) is a ; helmet behavior The mask was used to order the gold shop, glass cabinets and remove the gold in the cabinet away. The total number of goldshed by the listeners after the dam about 20 glasses of gold wire (worth about 150 million).

By 3-8 afternoon, another Gold error was held in the Vinh Dien window. So after having to drive the green motorcycle several times in front of Kim Kim Thuy's gold shop (based on Highway 1A, section 3, Vinh Dien window, Dien Ban's town) and find Guardian in a yellow cabinet, a young man that was covered inside the shop gold and hit the catching sky up many rings, gold rings worth over 50 one million. However, so far, active forces have not been able to find that the guilty causes two golds of gold.

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