The Pitbull dog owner needs to be in Health hospital

At that time, the inn gave food to the Pitbull dog for lunch. Just open to & # 39; ceilidh to put food on, the dog was suddenly moved and attacked, so that the owner did not rise.

To hear a scream, the victims of a woman who is pregnant. come into his / her case on a & # 39; dog was beaten on the dog, and also kept a dog. Dogs were attacked by two women, many of whom sang to go to; run a dog just after her dog, long & Both were suffering from hospital emergency.

Regarding the event, Nguyen Van Thin, Chief of the Tien Commune Police, declared the request and said that the active forces were able to reach the situation quickly after the incident.

However, the two victims suffered to the emergency room, leaving the dog's sight dead.

This dog was purchased by the owner about 2 months, when he bought about 30 kg. The dog is often kept in an iron cage.

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