The plan of dealing with unrecognized property is not appropriate by current conditions

The Law on Corruption and Corrosion (amended) was approved by the National Assembly on November 20, with 93.2% of the total number of constituents agreeing. With regard to the case of receiving a lot of attention over time, asset management, unreasonably unreasonably uneasy increase on the source, the National Assembly decides not to; adds to the rules due to uniqueness. This is also a case of newspapers at # 39; News conference announces the production of the sixth session.

The source of the problem is not in the current location source
A general overview of its news conference; publishing the results of the sixth session of the National XIV Assembly

Reporter: This is a worrying case in the change of this Law, which was debated widely, and the relevant authorities were informed. The Vice Chair of the Recognition Committee may explain why this content was not currently included in the law.

Mr Nguyen Manh Cuong: This is a matter of concern to the public. When they were considering their & # 39; In this case, the MP said that this was a new, complex issue, that additional asset handling was not adequately counted for the start of its & # 39; first issue.

Indeed, there is more wealth of civil servants in particular and for people in our country with many different sources and over many different times, many of the assets that have not been talented so far. Declaration initially.

At this time, the state has no control over assets and income, and we do not have control over the assets and income of the people, including the control of income assets, into civil servant. civil servants. A tax collection system or property registration system, in particular the payment through our account does not meet the requirements. We have not yet raised the issue of property tax …

In this context, it is difficult to find out whether income assets are an unsuitable or unreasonable solution. So MPA's ideas are different. solve this problem.

By casting up votes, comments are MPC is widely spread and scattered, we do not have enough foundations and rules on this case. Therefore, any property has been carried out as a result of corruption or crime, the building must be retained or restored. For payment of larger income tax financing, the tax offices will be transferred to the taxation offices for cure.

In the case of property and income control, the income control agency, if it is to be & # 39; detecting any breach or criminal offenses, is transferred to his / her; appropriate group for consideration and handling.

In terms of non-honest people who tell the income in property, they are treated unfairly to explain the financial income according to regulations. In particular, applications for Public Council electors were deleted from the list of candidates. The person who is voting is not selected. With regard to other reporters, they will be dealt with by law on rooms and civil servants, of more or more warning intentions. People who have been planning for leadership roles need to be removed from planning.

At the same time, the LAC will also be more closely controlled than the control of revenue assets, so it will be best to do & # 39; Achieve certification and control of revenue assets, thus ensuring good progress. in work against corruption.

Reporter: It is anticipated that the law proposed on Anticorruption will be valid; reflect the strongest state of the state in the anti-corruption. If you evaluate the success of this law, how many points do you have? you? After not being able to add to the asset handling rules this is not a & # 39; explains the well, what is the most important of the law?

Mr Nguyen Manh Cuong: This trip, changed its fundamental and comprehensive Law Congress against corruption. The law was voted by MPs with high votes. In the revised content there are many important changes.

Initially, the law expands the area of ​​corruption against the private sector.

Secondly, the law implies deficiencies in the 10-year review of the implementation of Law AC, The implementation of aggressive measures such as transparency, change of situation, payment of accounts, matters related to gifts … have been amended, added, sufficiently provided, restricted by practical implementation. Also add new content as conflict control.

The law has also made an important step in managing property income. If current law is only evident in revenue funding, this time it will relocate the control of the system of financial funders in a more rigorous and more fundamental way. , through that, proof of revenue funding will be tighter than the current regulations.

In addition, we will add to the rules related to the build-up of revenue control, and & # 39; Contribute to other content to ensure the decline. These are the main points of this law.

If the building is not properly treated, it is not helpful, but provided through the control process on the stock, Prepared.

Reporter: Real asset in the name of relatives, when the sentence is not a lot. How does the LAC handle its & # 39; case, sir?

Mr Nguyen Manh Cuong: The enhanced law focuses on publicity declaration and declaration. In this way, controlling income assets is more closely and more effective than today.

Reporter: An explanatory statement states that, when the mature conditions, the rules will apply to the investigation. So when is that, sir?

Mr Nguyen Manh Cuong: This is a very interesting law, and so, when it is built, it is very careful, precise in the & # 39; consulting as well as to design its & # 39; plan carefully.

The Sustainable Committee NA received that the remedy under the options set out in the current conditions in Vietnam is appropriate. When they meet the conditions, they will continue to learn and respond to reach a higher level of consensus from the public, the people and the National Assembly.

Reporter: Thank you!

Ngoc Thanh / VOV.VN

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