The price of house gold increased significantly in the first week

Open to & # 39; The first session of the week, domestic gold prices are increasingly progressive. The SJC gold price recorded at the Saigon Jewelry Company (SJC) at 36.51 – 36.69 million dong per tael (Hanoi) and 36.51 – 36.67 million per tour (Ho Chi Minh Town). HCM). These prices decrease slightly with VND10,000 / tael compared to the closing price last week, but compared to the # 39; Opening price last week, it went to VND60,000 / tael.

In DOJI, the price of gold SCJ is changing at 36.56 – 36.66 million per measure (Hanoi) and 36.58 – 36.66 million per measure (HCMC), the same increase 40,000 in size compared to the last week. Compared to the same time on Friday, the price of gold in DOJI has increased to more than 100,000 VND / tael.

Looking back last week, the price of domestic gold in the upgrade by going to # 39; benefit from raising gold prices in the world. However, compared to the world's price of gold, it is considered that the precious metal in the country is; slower slower. There is also scope between these two markets spreading more than 2 million per volume. With the increase, domestic home price rose by around 130,000 VND / week in the week.

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Gold prices have become very interesting last week

However, the gold trade market is not confidential. Most reservoirs are still in a list of accommodation when the market is in the world; Signs of short-term change appear before important information impacts.

In world markets, at the beginning of the week in Asia, the gold price of the world was just $ 0.7 (0.06%) to $ 1,222.8 per unit. Earlier, gold appeared at $ 1,222.1 units, the highest in almost three weeks. The US gold income for December also increased $ 8 (0.7%) and closed at $ 1,223 units. For the whole week, gold prices have risen by more than 1%. This is the strongest rise in the past 5 weeks.

Priorities on gold prices this week, most of the experts say that prices will be gold; In particular, 60% of the experts surveyed Kitco said that gold prices rose this week, only 20% of gold prices fell by 20% a stunning look.

Also, with the survey results for investors, 60% of investors are predicting the price of gold rising this week, 26% said down and 14% said the price the gold to going on.

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