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Last week, there was a slight change in the world oil market. However, in the fourth 1/2019, it is recognized that this is the strongest rise in the last 10 years.

In the first 3 months of the year, the price of oil has increased by over 25% compared to the last session in 2018.

In particular, the US's oil and light oil prices and all Brent oil prices are on track to the strongest seasonal rise from 2009.

Experts explain that the output of OPEC and foreign countries such as Russia created a positive impact on oil prices.

But Saudi Arabia has struggled to persuade Russia to agree on longer output cuts, just because Russia is only keen to extend it for three months to affect the production system to t all.

In addition, US sanctions launched by Iran and Venezuela have started to be effective.

Washington has called for oil refiners and “black gold” trading centers around the world to cut Venezuela further to prevent sanctions.

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US sanctions are strong, causing many of Venezuelan's crude oil factories to close

Last week in March, the United States put more pressure on Iran, when considering its export activities as well as strategies taken by Tehran to prevent sanctions.

These actions led to the reduction in oil production of two major supply sources, Iran and Venezuela, also added oil prices.

Barclays oil prices continue too high in Q2 / 2019, with Brent oil prices at 73 USD / barrel, and WTI oil prices of 65 USD / barrel. The bank said oil prices will stay at 70 USD / barrel this year.

At the same time, according to a survey conducted by Reuters news agencies, economists predict that Brent oil prices will normally be about $ 67.12 in a bar in 2019, up 1% from forecasts. survey. previous (66.44 USD / barrel).

Researchers say that due to the collapse of large countries exporting oil such as Iran and Venezuela, oil prices will continue to rise sharply. Notably, if Venezuela pursues to be so fluctuating, that the USA is making military interventions in the country, war is causing global variations in the oil market.

The last time, to create a market balance and not keep oil prices from rising too fast, the USA has increased the production of crude oil and opened it out. Expected in April, the USA will continue to open 1.2 million barrels / day warehouses.

However, the USA will not be able to extend the supply increase to fund the market deficit. In the context of continuing oil prices, the US sanctions against competitors are not just like Russia and Iran effective.

For example, in April 2018 the consortium was hit by Syrian giant strikes in Syria.

Immediately, the price of oil and gold rose rapidly, giving a series of charts in 2018 and 2017 before.

It was amazing, after rising, that the oil prices were going high for months and began to grow cold in the second half of the second quarter to the end of 2018.

The rise in oil prices led to countries selling oil and energy products to benefit, affecting virtually any sanctions. T

So, if there's an emergency in the world's largest oil and gas country, the US will have two problems: the sudden rise in oil prices outside Washington's and its competitors. Washington will benefit from this activity.

Minh Hoang

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