The referee of Qatar's Myanmar Cats against Vietnam

Qatari referee, Khamis Al-Marri, was appointed to keep the whistle in the game between Myanmar and Vietnam, in the fourth round of A A Cup, A8 2018 Cup.

In my eyes, I like Myanmar
Khamis Al-Marri is called a tighter referee (Picture: Young Knowledge).

Khamis Al-Marri, 34, is known as "the black king" in the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup, also in his role in the Asian Cup and the 2018 World Cup in Asia. South Westerly

In particular, Al-Marri set out the U19 Vietnam passages and U19 Bahrain in the U19 2016 Asian Cup. This game, the Hoang Anh Tuan teacher, made a history of winning 1-0 for promotion. In the finals, they won the ticket for the U20 World Cup.

The game between Myanmar and Vietnam was held at 18h30 today, 20/11. There is an interesting collaboration in this competition two years ago, Vietnam became the main team of Myanmar on the day, Thuwunna Times and Stadium, Yangon, Myanmar.

Ngo Duc / VOV2

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