The Ronaldo teams are enough to plow & # 39; to 40 years

Giorgio Chiellini, who is 34 years old, said: "We have it Sufficient for play to age 40, although I did not think I played so long. "

Does Ronaldo continue to & # 39; play until it is 40?

"Not just because this is Ronaldo always on the first set, but the way in which he works is different. He always carries himself".

"It's a pretty handsome person, it's going to a very different country and a league, but it's been very fast in his research for the main events here. . "

Indeed, according to health statements that Juventus was earlier on this season, Ronaldo's ability does not seem to happen to be able to continue. Play for many more years since the current CR7 status is not different. only twenty years.

Ronaldo himself has shown that he is not old, for eight pounds and 5 support in 12 events for Juventus.

Ronaldo talent video:

United Kingdom 22:20 11/11/2018

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