The Secretary General of the country is an important political event

The National Assembly Chairman, Nguyen Thi, Kim Ngan, welcomed the Secretary General of the Nguyen Phu Trong Party Secretary when he started on 23 October.

The National Assembly Chairman, Nguyen Thi, Kim Ngan, welcomed the Secretary General of the Nguyen Phu Trong Party Secretary when he started on 23 October.

Commenting on the outcome of the sixth session, Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Chairman of the National Assembly, concluded that the National Assembly concluded the work program of the meeting after nearly one month of serious democratic and careful work. with a lot of important content, is reinforced in the general resolution of the session.

The Chairman of the National Assembly, in particular, stressed that, with great confidence, the National Assembly has been elected Secretary General of the Nguyen Phu Trong National Party Committee to maintain its leadership.

"This is an important political event in our country, and the people and voters are extremely fond of," he said.

In addition, the National Assembly has agreed to the First Minister's recommendation on Government members to ensure proper procedures and procedures as prescribed by law.

On legislative work, at the sixth session, the National Assembly passed nine laws and referred to six other bills.

In particular, its Confirmation confirmed its; Total Partnership for International Partnership (CPTPP) and its associated tools with a high level agreement, 7th to consolidate the Agreement. That, according to the chairman of the National Assembly, is important to confirm the political assertion of their Party and State politics to work with the region and the world, affirming the situation and concern of Vietnam. to the international community.

The leadership of the National Assembly is also general, the sixth is the end of 2018, also a session of describing a mid-term evaluation of the implementation of the National Assembly's resolution on socio-economic, budget of state. The evaluation shows that, although there are many problems and challenges, the socio-economic development in 2018 and the last 3 years is still quite complete. The economic reorganization has achieved advanced outcomes. The baseline targets have met the target and timetable. GDP growth has been progressive, social security and people's lives gradually improved. Security, security is maintained, critical actions, there are many strategies at government building, our country's situation in the region and the world is constantly improving.

The National Assembly is very much impressive of the Government's commitment to, Actively implement, make the effort, effort and effective coordination of the entire political system, branches, levels, areas, armed forces and their business community, and strata; public for specific achievements in 2018 and the last three years; At the same time, we have analyzed, we identified the inconvenience, constraints, problems and challenges in our economy and we advocated many concrete and practical solutions to continue to develop consistently in a & # 39; new context. Based on that, the National Assembly has set up four socio-economic ambitions and the establishment of a state budget.

Looking back to the special session to monitor the implementation of its & # 39; Following the questioning of the leaders of the parties from the beginning of the term to date, the President of the National Assembly, the questioning shows that the intentions are used. Many commitments, commitments are made and advanced results, and make a strong change in many areas, and contribute to the promotion of socio-economic development.

Transport & # 39; recognizing the Government's efforts and responsibilities, the Sheriff of People's Court, the Care of People, Ministers and the Germans in doing so; carrying out the roles and tasks they are specifying and valuing the roles of the representatives. the National Assembly's organizations in monitoring and checking out. Monitoring the implementation of the National Assembly's requirements.

Also related to scrutiny activities, at this meeting, the National Assembly may accept; A vote of confidence for people with the office chosen or agreed by the National Assembly. According to Chairman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, this is a specific research content, which reflects the level of belief and identity, evaluates impartiality on the efforts and results achieved at the beginning of the term. As far as Those who vote are confident. The National Assembly recommends that those who have a " voting to continue to & # 39; Encourage the achievements that are achieved, dedicate knowledge diligently, and restrict their limitations to achieve the work that is delivered well.

There is confirmation of the session closing, the chairman of the National Assembly stated that the National Assembly's electorate continue to stimulate, report time on the results of the session, listen to the thoughts and wishes of voters and people, In order to understand and implement social life to reflect on at any time and Praise the National Assembly, the Government and its agencies responsible and actively campaigns in the legislative and management work.


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