The tumor through Loch Hoan Kiem is subject to "anti-thirsty technology"

On November 9th, in the conference "Planning the total surface of the C9 underground railway at Loch Hoan Kiem" of Nam Thang Long, the urban railroad Tran Hung Dao, Mr Noboru Nakagawa (General Adviser of a & # 39; project) to display construction plans for related items.

Accordingly, each subway station has been put in place in promotive ways to ensure the safety of historic works. The contractor from the top is down and a diaphragm wall system will be around the C9 border.

"The ground wall is the distribution of the station and so water does not come into the pit and will not affect water levels in Loch Hoan Kiem," said Noboru Nakagawa.

According to the survey, the number of less than 1/500 works is safe, but the councilor investigates the settlement with a station C9 1/800, and mean very little. In addition, railway fridge technology will be used when trains go on.

The gas station is located on the back of Ho Guom. Photograph: Project Management Board.

"Influenza from the railings to the ground will not affect the Pen Tower, the construction has no impact on the heritage," the producer confirmed.

With the option of the Rail Road 2 on the high road outside the Red River (away from Ho Guom), Japanese advisers said that if this plan was implemented, it needs the area near Hang Dau and Chuong Duong Bridge, which is Making a connection between Route 3 is very tough and a & # 39; abolition of urban rail network planning; Passenger traffic is less effective in reducing traffic problems.

Underground stations are still receiving feedback

At a conference, many experts agree on the situation of underground stations under the Dinh Tien Hoang road, but they are still in a position; worried.

The architect Tran Thanh Tung, Head of the Office of the Association of Vietnam Architects, said Ho Guom is a legacy with an open space for outdoor exhibitions, so he wants a station underground here to people, who visit easily to Sword Lake.

However, according to Mr Tung, consultation with units must investigate the underground station away from the tower pen; For example, it can move to its power company because it has a great campus; The station can be translated to the end of the Ly Kong Uan flower plant to reach the flow of people up and down close to the commercial center, walking street.

"I believe Japan's issues are still worrying when the train impacts on the culture of stone, wood", Tung was concerned.

After complaining against the location of the C9 railway station near Loch Hoan Kiem, the architect Tran Huy Anh was still continuing to protest; think that the tram No. 2 to Tran Quang Khai. "As the train enters the Ho Guom center, it will add more traffic thunder, and break the landscape of the lake," said Anh.

Dr. Dao Ngoc Nghiem, deputy chairman of the Town Development Planning Association, said that 10 years ago experts and authorities had discussed the situation of the C9 station, which would delay the project. In fact, the station's position does not break the protection range 1 but in the protected heritage area 2 and is in accordance with the agreed agreed plans, so there are sufficient reasons for its implementation. "

According to Tran Ngoc Chinh, Chairman of the Vietnam Town Planning Association, this unit collects expert views to report to the Prime Minister, adding to the distance of the metro line No. 2.

"Many countries have built underground suburbs, such as Japan, France, Britain … They make sure the culture is not damaged by advanced technology," said Chinh.

The C9 subway station is designed in Dinh Tien Hoang Street and part of Hanoi Power Pavement. It is anticipated that this station will be 25 meters deep below the ground, the station roof is 5 m, 150 m long, 21 m wide. The station has 4 doors, where Loch Hoan Kiem has a window with the existing shop and public toilets.

In August, the Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Children and Children submitted the document to the National Assembly's and the First Minister's Sustainable Committee, recommend consideration of the construction of urban railways. The C9 subway station, located near Ngoc Son Temple, Ba That Temple "exclusively defines Cultural Heritage law but also includes many hazards, unacceptable effects cultural heritage, cultural center of capital ".

At the end of October, Chairman of Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung asked his Prime Minister to reconsider the views of the Committee; Enter and manage to & # 39; Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism considered in the writing of a plan of the C9 subway station and tunnels associated with the Hoan Kiem area so that the project will be awarded in orange. between Vietnam and Japan.

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