The unexpected couple for a "hot vision" drunk the loch

With the public toilet bee on the shores of Loch Hoan Kiem about 10m, a pair of hot looks on the drink causes people who are around an emergency …

After many years of cleaning and cleaning of public toilets in the Hoan Kiem area, Hanoi, Mr DT (58 years old) was humorous saying he can not even be surprised all day. in this "happy place".

"Many still think that the toilets are stupid and dirty, and when they go to the toilet, they need to mask them to avoid odors. This is a & # 39; go back, "said T a & # 39; laughter.

The bat is for the drink
Mr T will clean the public toilets on the banks of Loch Hoan Kiem.

According to the 58-year-old man, beside the public toilets there are banners. Everyday, walkers around the coast still have a & # 39; stop at rest. Among these guests, Mr T always remembered a young couple.

Men and women under 30 years, with a bank uniform. After sitting down on the stonestone, the two started "hot scenes".

"They took hold of them, took off their shirt and they affected each other's body to look at anyone," said T.

Mr T's time, "hot vision" is a couple on 7pm. So, many people of different ages around the world; couple.

"Initially, I thought that a couple just want to stop such an unwanted sense, without being careful But, when more couples work, they are likely to be older. Some will press the mouth and go away. But, children & # 39; look forward. So I have to say, "It was remembered.

The bat is for the drink
Many think that there is a slut in the toilet but Mr T. decided, I met many of his favorite couples instead of this as a databases.

Mr T said that he was close to his cell phone and his / her seat; grow hard. But they did not understand it. Eventually, he came to the place, knocking the young man's shoulder and said.

"I told them to stand, chose a place to do things in public, very vibrant and affect many people," Mr T a & # 39; remember.

According to T, it is to express emotions and to; Get close relationships with the person you love. But couples should also respect the environment.

"The people around me also respect my respects and avoid me from the dangers," said T in a secret voice.

Many years ago, Mr T said that there was still a Hoan Kiem area. So, there are many couples, after the "lets" let her lover go into your tears as he did not put away robes, phone, even the computer beside the wing.

"He saw my eyes," said T.

It was about 4.5 years ago. "A few students were sitting in front of the toilet to sit on the front of the toilet," said T.

Mr T sits about 3m from students. But their couple have no respect, but they still have a great deal. comparing and connecting together.

In memory of Mr T, sitting next to his lover, he still laptops on his chrom. When the feelings of the lover were going over the side, off the computer strap on his shoulder but he did not notice it. At that time, a thief should be going to & # 39; walk around the two students …

"When I saw that scene, I thought of it, and cried for a few hours, and then I gave a small stone and threw me at the feet of her boys. When I returned, the man got he lost his computer, "he said.

At this time, boys and girls are crying, and & # 39; running around to ask. "Look at it and the way in which it is clothes, I think it's in the country, its family is hard, so it just shows the person who stole it.

The thief can not excavate the evidence so uncertain, has been restored to him; student invasion. After paying, he stressed my face to apply for revenge, "Mr T.

However, just a few days later, the thief was arrested by his police for theft of possession. So Mr T.'s revenge was reduced

"Now, Boogan Bo is not as big as security forces are constantly working, but I believe that individuals should protect themselves and their property. The actions of a & # 39; affecting its culture and creating settings for the greed of others, "said T.

Thanh Tam – Duc Tuan

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