The world's gold price goes up, and build global stocks

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The world's gold price is rising. Picture: Reuters

In particular, find futures gold 0.2% to $ 1,224.13 without, after jumping to $ 1,225.29 units, the highest in a week in the previous session. At the same time, prices of gold income rose from $ 2.3 (0.2%) to $ 1,225.30 an uns.

In this session, the dollar dropped to a low two weeks, following Forth Force Reserve officials saying that the bank was close to a tightening policy. silver sting. Analysts such as David Song commented on the market waiting for more information about the ability of the Fingal to raise interest rates next month as well as what is expected in 2019.

Observers recognize that the amount of thin gold exchange is before the Free Thanksgiving. Phil Streible's strategy at RJO Futures in Chicago said that prices of gold will change around $ 1,220 per unit from here until the weekend, when there is little new information on their market. In addition, the Fenni forecasts were high in December, and also a limited shortage of gold and almost recently new hards arrived.

There are concerns about the China-China trade conversations and a slow growth in technology on Wall Street which hit November 19. At the same time, the Renault's French high-speed vehicle was declining as a result of the team who was including Nissan's Chief Executive, Carlos Ghosn. Ghosn is currently the chairman of a jointship of Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi.

The US stock index closed, with Nasdaq Company's Index 3 per cent to 7,028.48 among the global decline in the Apple stock market, Facebook and other technologies that look at technology.

The Dow Jones business average fell 1.6% to 25,017.44, while S & P dropped 500 1.7% to 2,690.73.

The decline of the APEC collection was the week that focused on trade disputes between the United States and China and the new home market data in the US. reflecting confidence among builders has declined. down in November. Analysts stated that trading rates lower than the previous trading week were shorter than usual for the market to continue; decline.

Many analysts believe that the US economic growth is haul. Goldman Sachs said on November 19 that the US economy has been aggrieved from a 3.5% level to almost 1.75% by the end of 2019.

European stock markets also continued on Wall Street, as researchers commented on inequality around Brittany talks between the UK and the European Union and a disagreement between Italy and the European Union. Bruce was related to the Roman budget.

At the end of this trading, FTSE 100 based in London fell 0.2% to 7,000.89, DAX 30 on board Frankfurt dropped 0.9% to 11,224.54, and lost the 40 CAC in Paris. 0.8% to 4,985.45 points. EURO STOXX index index fell 50 0.6% to 3,160.33.

In the Paris market, Renault is the "range". Nissan's long-term partner said he would ask to remove Mr Ghosn's behavioral board after investigating his misconduct, including a statement less than its profits. This is won in Japan and uses corporate assets for personal purposes.

The Renault section fell by 12% before closing down by 8% to 59.06 euros per department.

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