The young man took a sack and stole a gold shop in just two seconds

On November 20, Huynh Duc Tien – owner of the gold shop Kim Dung II (Dien Ngoc Ward, Dien Ban Town, Quang Nam) just stolen, PV has given images, clips taken out of six pollutants that were recorded on the evening of 19/11 took place.

It's really awesome about what has just happened, e Mu, 18h15, 19/11, when he and his wife eat a dinner, they are very horrible with the Lord's sound.

Clip: A young man who sends a & # 39; pulling gold was hit in just a few seconds. Granting: Henan

"At this time, my wife and I are sitting at the table beside a gold plate, the distance from the board to her three-foot printer is away . " When a press was broken, black pants, head helmets and mask cover were full of brown-haired outdoors to Hoi An city, and then suddenly I just shouted for a few hours … " Tien said.

At the scene, leaving the thumb's broadband broadband, splinters spread across the floor in a pair of gold and a pair of gold shops.

After watching the camera image, Tien said the young stranger made the robber in a few seconds.

"Young people who are riding a Honda motorcycle in the future (instead of being Sirius's motorcycle as people who were introduced to the former ones). After having a stop on & # 39; a motorcycle, ran the man into the shop, using a hammer to hit a glass cabinet and then ran gold in his & her; brat. The first statistics, the gold that brought her & # 39; shop about 5 trees, equivalent to more than 100 million", Mr Tien said.

Clip: Uncertain gold throwing in just a few fingers, and the owner of the shop 3 cascaded feet in time to answer - Picture 2.

The crime will carry a shop gold.

Clip: Uncertain gold hooks in just a few fingers, there are no 3-foot steps with a shop; getting involved in time - Picture 3.

Then the railing shop in Dien Ban caused emergency people.

At this time, the public is actively seeking something for the robber. There is a concern In the past, in the town of Dien Ban who continued a continuous order to Using a golden hammer similar to people who are worried and worried.

Earlier, about 17:30 p.m. 17/6, after a number of times in front of a gold shop Thao Van (Bo Ham 3 Village, Dien Thang North Commune), a 22-year-old young man, with a helmet, The mask was used to order gold shop, he hit the glass and dropped the gold in the cabinet; run away. The total number of goldshed by the listeners after the dam about 20 glasses of gold wire (worth about 150 million).

Ron night 3/8, another night mistake occurred in Vinh Dien's ward. So, after they had been driving a green motorcycle several times in front of Kim Kim Thuy's shop (Vinh Dien ward, Dien Ban's dance) and did not find a gold guardian , The maid servant used to break into the gold shop and her; hitting the glass case to go round, gold rings worth over 50 million. However, so far, active forces have not been able to find that the guilty causes two golds of gold.

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