There are three cars near, burning guns causing the death of male youth

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 14:31 PM (GMT + 7)

A group of people who had traveled three cars were involved, one on a car with a gun gun and a # 39; causing people to die in the Vinh Phuc province.

On the morning of November 20, the head of the district police department of Vinh Tuong (Vinh Phuc province) confirmed a massacre in the area, causing a young person to die.

Beginning information, about 22h30f 18-11, the murder occurred in the Tri Tri town, Vinh Thinh Society, Vinh Tuong. At this time, Duong Tien N. (SN 1997, Song Lo area, Vinh Phuc province) stands on the road as a group of people on three cars, types of 4 seats nearby.

Then, a person sitting in the car with a gun firewall about the N. body will harm Vinh Tuong's district medicine center but did not let it go.

There are three cars near, burning guns that will kill young men - 1

Crime case range – Photograph: Facebook

Information, Scottish Vinh Phuc authorities have examined the field, investigation, arresting something of the crime.

At this time, the entire case file was transferred to Vinh Phuc local police for scrutiny, clarification.

Banned, using guns, jackets like

Two groups of gun guns, rifles and raffles were introduced into the chaos in the street, causing many to be published.

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