There were cars in the crowd, which hit many people in Hanoi

A person's image was hit by the man and he went down to the water that many people feared. Depending on the content, pregnant women suffer from the incident.

A shared clip has just moved on with its cyber community. In the section, the black car moved out of the road and then accelerated rapidly, the man in a red shirt turned to the face of water.

The accident caused a lot of losing, and the woman in black dress was sitting in her; bar split under car. Obtaining evidence of the event, people who are experiencing the event; coming around her car & # 39; pick up the car to give the escape.

After posting on the social network, the clip has accessed the internet with thousands of ideas and thousands of sections, ideas. Most of the heart of people before the moment came to her; Cars just go to the water and they hope people are hitting it; car that suffers victims.

There were pictures of cars into the population, which hit many people in Hanoi No.1

"It's a real hope to look at the car that just goes into the scared that people who have been hit by a & # 39; car without being seriously injured ", one reporter.

"At pedal pedals it's wrong, but also because the water dispute over the crash road", the ideas of a funny person.

According to the publisher's division, the accident occurred in the town of Phu Thu, Tay Mo, Hanoi. The purpose of his war is to come; pedal pedal pedal pedal car driver. According to this person, a serious disaster caused a serious injury, including two heavy women.

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