There were three cold cold airs into our country of Science

According to Nguyen Van Huong, Head of Climate Climate Division, National Center for Hydrometeorological Inspection, last night (18/11), a wave of cold surface (KKL) began to pour over our country. South West This cold air affects North-East and north-eastern regions; center, which will affect the Northwest and some areas of the Middle East. Since today, in the northeast areas, the cold weather with the lowest temperature of 19-22 degrees, its cold mountain is 15-17 degrees temperatures.

Due to the effects of the cold air with the wind above, in the evening and last night, the water, the rainflies and places where there are storms. Since today, the departments from Thanh Hoa to Thue Thien Hue's water, mixed water and storm storms; Through storms, storms, stormy winds and winds can be.

According to Huong, from November 21, KKL will be added, with another KKL coming on 23-23 November. So, just 5-7 days, the KKL is going across the north of our country, keeping low heat in the north. These make the areas of wild and medium-sized cold and cold as long as the north is the cold cold at night and light, the day is cold.

According to Tran Quang Nang, the head of the Metropolis, the National National for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, tropical dementia works off the coast of the Philippines. It is expected that tropical depression will be on the 21st century night; crossing the Philippines, moving south of southern China. When you move into South China, the tropical dementia is rising to tephoon No. 9 is very tall with the intense reach of level 9, level 10. According to Nang, there is a special feature at night on 21/11, the strong cold air will be poured into our country. The combination of these two weather patterns can cause the storm to be so severe and severe.

– Nguyen Hoai

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