Thich Duc Chinh na Van Toan?

Hidden games against Myanmar: Thich Duc Chinh na Van Toan? - Picture 1.

Vietnamese team activities before a game with Myanmar

Van Toan is the largest name of Vietnam fans named after the 60th match against Malaysia. When the German decision Anh Duc struck the 2-0 score, and the Park Hang coach-this started the most innovative spot.

Unfortunately, Van Duc, Xuan Truong, and Cong Phuong left the playground but Van Toan did not appear on his / her; but instead Van Quyet, Hung Hung and Duc Huy. There was a lot of regret at that time because Van Toan was a player who always was doing his / her. football because football ownership is very fast, very beneficial for Vietnam's attack.

After two Suzuki 2018 AFF Cup opening game, Van Toan was not kicked, who has more desire to play. play player than ever before. However, there are signs that the leader of Scotland chose the candidate before Van Toan. Even if Duc Chinh is hitting the replacement of Anh Duc, it's not so amazing.

Hidden games against Myanmar: Thich Duc Chinh na Van Toan? - Picture 2.

Ha Duc Chinh (right) is the choice of Park Hang coach here in Myanmar game

This Hang-Coach Park respects Myanmar, but knows what to do to win, even the team's win to win the second half without paying attention to the game with Cambodia 24 -11. So, Duc Chinh, with a simple and natural stone, more confident in the army of the Van Toan, is more helpful than finding aims for confidence.

This Hang-co coach was shot when a journalist asked if he had organized the team before the game against Myanmar. "It's a hard question," said the Chief Justice. In fact, the answer is at a coach Park before.

Mr Dung – Photograph: Duc Anh

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