Threatened to be killed because of his 40th anniversary python

Tuesday, 19 February, 2019 06:30 AM (GMT + 7)

The pirates have received many death threats after receiving a large 40-kilometer centered python, reporting the Daily Mail.

A 40-year-old giant python video in Australia

In a video posted on Facebook, Charlie Bear and Tom Geary were sorry to put her python in a home bag at Beach Beach, North Queensland, Australia.

The last two put them in their bags and brought it to the woods.

Miss Bear took a python head in the rescue process. As a result, she was criticized on social media.

Dozens of users sent a messenger network to Bear and Geary about how they dealt with their phython in a tough grip.

Ann, one said: "You're so dirty".

Others wrote: "I hope someone will put her in the card after her marriage in the head, that's the reason and the effect."

The third said: "It was said to have been a real python rather than pulling a phython and hitting their heads."

Write another: "If you do not know how to catch a python, leave this to a true python that does not emphasize the animal."

In response to these comments, Bear said that the python was still healthy after its capture. The python is believed to be 30-40 years old, with a weight of 40 kilograms and up to 5.5 m long.

Bear said she felt it was tough because she and he was accused of not sure she would do this more.

Gabh cob cob king

The video shows an amazing time when a warrior caught a giant cobra king with her bare hands.

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