Today, Vinfast made a series of cars, a motorcycle in Hanoi launched a Car

After Show 2018 Show Motor Show, which was held in early October, launched two luxury modules Vinfast Lux A2.0 and Lux ​​SA2.0 and the Vincom Klara bicycle model was launched at the factory in Cat Hai, Hai. In the early afternoon, afternoon (November 20), Vinfast will send the vehicle cars and electric vehicles closer to users in the country by including the Thong Nhat car series Park, Ha Caibineit.
From the evening (19/11), all Vinfast modules were transported to the place where the event was held and the canvas was waiting for the time G. From the entrance, visitors will be able to 3 version of the small Vinfall Fadil car. This is a strategic car in conjunction with MG and it's just a challenge with opponents in the & # 39; a small car in Vietnam such as Kia Morning, Hyundai Grand i10 or Toyota Wigo.
Today, Vinfast launched a series of cars, an electric motor in Hanoi - picture 1Vinfast Fadil will be officially released today (20/11).

Vinfast Fadil's design and designations are not yet shown, however, the price of this model is offered in the # 39; priced 300 million, well below the competitors in the same department. Competitive prices and quality assurance are the basis for Vinfast Fadil to win land rapidly and to get a market share in front of modules such as Kia Morning or Hyundai Grand i10.

In the Vinfast Fadil converter, the special Lux 2.0 and Lux ​​SA2.0 feature at Vinfast. These are models based on the platform and the use of copyright technology from the BMW 5 Series and BMW X5.

Lux A2.0 and Lux ​​S.A2.0 at the Motor Paris Exhibition in 2018 have highlighted the popularity of tourists in Europe. With its first opening in Vietnam, it is & # 39; Considering both the two fans to Vinfast also a car that is worth the moment.

Today, Vinfast launched a series of cars, an electric motor in Hanoi - picture 2The luxury car section, Vinfall Lux A2.0 and Lux ​​SA2.0 is also available in Vietnam for the first time.

In addition to the three Vinfast modules, the maker also produces full-pages of Vinfast Klara bicycle. Today's official opening day Vinfast Klara is around the country with a price of VND 21 and 35 million choice for lead-end batteries or lithium-ion batteries. At the event, the company will deliver the vehicle to the first who will order and send it; organize the test for the user.

In particular, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc can attend Vinfast modules in Hanoi today. The event starts at 15pm at Thong Nhat Park, Hanoi.

Han Nguyen

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