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The money fell extremely large on November 19, with Bitcoin splitting to almost $ 5,000 for a & # 39; first time since October 2017.

This financial remainder follows the division of Bitcoin Cash – one of the largest finances – and in the context of regulatory authorities to monitor how money is transferred through to & # 39; funding funding. (ICO).

According to the data available on the Coinmarketcap website, the Bitcoin prices for more than 9pm on Monday morning decrease by 7.3% compared to 24 hours, and less than $ 5,192.

Ethereum fell by more than 12%, copper copper fell by almost 13%. Previous copper bubbles rose, but over 9h also fell by more than 7% compared to 24 hours.

Today, the United States Security and Trade Commission (SEC) published its first civil penalty for two non-ICO warranty companies, such as certificates. The two companies on which Airfox and Paragon Coin have to pay a $ 250,000 penalty to determine investors, and also need to record their own money as stock.

In addition, the two companies also want to pay repayable repositories, causing concerns that other companies that use ICO can; Getting money for investing in projects can also do the same. himself.

After a period of "silent wave", the exchange of the exchange market itself again.

Given that Bitcoin Cash was divided into half-past last week, billions of doctors in the capital have heated from the money market. This division happened after the two software developers that could not agree to a common way to update Bitcoin Cash, also created digital money created by Bitcoin.

From the highest level established in January this year, our own cash market has consumed more than $ 660 billion of market protection, according to data from Coinmarketcap. Compared to last December, Bitcoin prices have fallen by over 70%.

J. Lee, an online finance expert at Fundstrat Global Advisors, a genuine real-time real estate expert, Bitcoin's cost price statement by the end of this year will be $ 15,000, from $ 25,000. out before. The cost of a copper bitcoin excavation that is estimated by its $ 7,000 Asset.

According to Lee, an uncertainty is growing on its & # 39; own money market, caused by the division of Bitcoin Cash. He also said that Bitcoin prices were lower than $ 6,000 to "a new wave of poor laughter".

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