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Transferring the largest high tunnel train built in Vietnam

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The opening ceremony of the two Con Dao Express Express 36 companies. Picture: The Dang / VNA

It is anticipated that Con Dao Express 36 in the first quarter of 2019 will be submitted for passengers traveling and traveling. travel along the Vung Tau route – Con Dao, Tran De – Con Dao.

Con Dao Express 36 is designed in the modern twin-style style, throughout Europe 46.85 m, a maximum width of 12.2 m with a capacity of 598 passengers. The vessel conforms to the QCVN 54: 2013 / BGTVT national status on low-speed shipping and shipbuilding, which has been donated.

When you work, the vessel is very stable, cabin space is comfortably comfortable, the team is not helpful as well as passengers; get tired and reduce the sea synchron. He promises to take the safest and safest journey.

Con Dao Express 36 is fitted with 4 Roll-Royce MTU 12V4000M53 with a total capacity of 7404 each equipment, the maximum speed up to 35 miles will be extremely huge at the time traveling passengers from Vung Tau to Con Dao. or back directly in just 3 hours.

The decoration can be folded after 120 degrees, a sound stable with European technology; Delivered by an audio entertaining system with a non-wire headset. The passenger department has two floors; In addition to class sets, there are Delux and VIP seats.

Each VIP chair is equipped with an individual entertaining screen and is rich in international levels. All of these facilities provide fairness, tranquility and privacy for each section of passenger demand.

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Express Con Dao Express Express 36 Overview. Picture: An Post / VNA

The operation of the two-parent Con Dao 36 identified the major change of his / her; Company after one year of successful success of 5 high dual vessels with the potential of 300 travelers at Phu Quoc, Nam Du, Tyne, Kien Giang area. It is anticipated that Phu Quoc Ship Express will launch two other large vessels such as the Con Dao Expess 36 design for a & # 39; Continue to use on another sea island.

According to the Deputy Director of Phu Quoc Cruise Joint Stock Company, Ngu Thi Dieu Binh, with the intention of "linking the rivers of Vietnam and those who connect Vietnam and the power of Vietnam" To class class ships between to introduce a national to a service on Vietnamese maritime trails.

189 Limited Company (Ministry of Defense) – Con Dao Construction Shipbuilding Unit Unit 36 ​​is one of the most popular boat repair and construction initiatives in the Vietnam shipbuilding industry.

At this time Zona Industrial Dinh Vu has skilled workers. New resources and equipment (2,500T can be built up to 7,000 tonnes, 10,000 tonnes of ferries, special equipment and equipment introduced from advanced countries)

At the same time, to meet fully with the construction and maintenance of today's military boats with a ton of up to 2,000 tonnes and military service; It is possible to successfully implement shipbuilding projects for national protection and security and civil works.

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