Trial trials, wanting "knowledge"; The minister asked that "pay taxes be honorable"

Vietnam was officially the seventh country through the CPTPP "Agreement Century"

On the afternoon of November 12, the National Assembly accepted the intention to authorize; Total Transaction and Transpacific Approval Partnership (CPTPP) and related 100% related documents.

By passing the National Assembly, Vietnam will Getting involved officially on CPTPP - Free trade trading will come into effect in more than a month.

By passing the National Assembly, Vietnam will Getting involved officially on CPTPP – Free trade trading will come into effect in more than a month.

CPTPP GDP can increase and export with 1.32% and 4.04% individually by 2035 individuals. An overall increase can also be 3.8%. This will increase the average number of posts per year from 20,000 to 26,000. It is expected to reduce 0.6 million poor people (at a poverty line of 5.5 dollars per day).

However, CPTPP also has challenges when it opened markets in Canada, Mexico and Peru. In terms of material, pig, hen is a factor that can compete with exports due to weak competitiveness. In addition, some materials may have problems such as paper, steel, vehicles … However, the Government also stated that there are many solutions to overcome the challenges.

CPTPP involvement also offers socio-economic challenges, income collection, legal framework, institutes, etc. In particular, the opening of economic activity, together with the rules on work, transparency, anti-corruption … Vietnam needs to take the initiative in reforming and making better on legal provisions, & # 39; establishing regulatory ways in accordance with international contracts but to ensure the sustainability of political and social stability.

Finance Minister: "Taxpayers are glorious, are not we?"

Speaking on a draft legislation on Tax Administration, Finance Minister, Dinh Tien Dung, said "business business truth is really tough, need to co-ordinate a level; business. Taxes are a noble duty. Do I need Some people aware? "

Understanding that there are many legal decisions, in many cases "he has lost his law," the head of finance business said the activity "just had to hit his & # 39 wrong ".

"I have explored the search to find features." Hardy warrants say this year to attract foreign investment, pay money with this money, confirm that the money is having a right or later impact Due to the loss of a new business for loss but still expanding. It is complex. It is essential that the version is on the # 39; such a business, "he said.

Representatives of Truong Trong Nghia: Tax officers and tax management initiatives to avoid taxes

Representatives of Truong Trong Nghia (Ho Chi Minh City), when he informed the campaigns, said there were two ideas: the situation of tax avoidance, tax debts, ongoing, resulting in loss of income -news budget; The second is the reason for tax officers who have a tax; counseling and business orientation such as can not avoid taxes

Representatives say: something that advises the ban on business taxes, there are several years. When they happen, they are complaining about harassment. Well, many coal companies are right. Unwilling to general members, harassing hands. This situation is in the area of ​​general government control and some areas, including taxes there.

But unfortunately, tax department staff, State salaries, have paid part of the tax from the people and businesses, but only to councilors, a & # 39; managing business tax ban, this happened. Twelve years.

Business and Trade Ministry: There is a position to change the electricity price in 2019 to "EVN profits"

Deputy Business and Trade Minister Dang Hoang said that there was no Government Government implementation, the electricity prices in 2018 to increase the objective of controlling the inflation in line with its objectives. National Meeting.

The Business and Trade Ministry has set up the position of retail prices for 2019

The Business and Trade Ministry has set up the position of retail prices for 2019

Deputy Minister, Dang Hoang, said the electricity department still needs electricity for production and living in 2019 but, Includes costs for electricity production, including coal, oil prices, gas supply, electricity has come to the border … but the electric prices have not changed, and have problems for the performance and operation of the current energy sector industry and 2019.

In order to ensure that the EVN profit industry, to increase its financial capacity for investment in power generation, the Ministry of Business and Commerce (MoIT) has set its position to regulate sales prices in 2019.

Vinachem & bill-trillion-dong project series: Dong Thanh wants to "bring a good knowledge"

The Vietnamese Chemical Group (Vinachem) has just submitted a report which summarizes the results of many leaders; This group has caused harassment and weaknesses in the management of investment projects building factory. DAP composting in Dinh Vu – Hai Phong …

Vinachem also stated that the content of the reviews of the departments related to the work, production and business of the DAP Stock Company Company was agreed. So, the Board wants to know in advising and responding to it; Suggest the Leaders of their Organization to # 39; leadership of production and activity.

The above report on Vinachem comes together with a personal review of a series of individuals and related organizations. In the reviews, the majority said that there was no personal benefit, a & # 39; means the protection of state losses and poor investigation and deep knowledge.

The votes made clear who was behind Dinh La Thang, Trinh Xuan Thanh

According to the voters petition report, the Board of Appeal, in the field of Judicial Committee case, voters Ba Ria – Vung Tau division to clarify who is behind Dinh La Thang, Trinh Xuan Thanh in pollution behavior; To clarify a renewable loss in these cases to handle and restore robust assets.

Responding to & # 39; This recommendation, the Committee found that the people who had been Dinh La Thang and Trinh Xuan Thanh, as well as the relevant officers, are solved by the Court and the relevant authorities during its time; the lawsuit. First instance, case appeal of Dinh La Thang and comparisons.

Having the views of voters, the Committee said. He argued he would keep his / her; petitioning the relevant authorities to clarify the word "group interests", "back field", personal responsibility involved in tough Matters as voters.

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