Trinh Xuan Thanh holds a possession: Who is behind? | Society

In response to this petition, the Legal Committee said that the custodians of Dinh La Thang and Trinh Xuan Thanh, as well as the relevant officers, had been resolved by court and other authorities during his & # 39 ; the lawsuit. First instance, case appeal of Dinh La Thang and comparisons.

However, in the collection of voters' opinions, the Committee will continue to. Advocates advocate relevant bodies to clarify "partner", "backdrop", and their personal responsibilities. Emergent cases as voters say; Suggest appropriate state bodies to strengthen effective legal action on prevention and crime crime; To handle pollution actions in accordance with the rules of the Marriage Code and its # 39; Provide all steps to get lost assets due to the development of a molecular activity.

With similar suggestions from the voters of Thanh Hoa, the Khanh Hoa areas (the National Assembly is calling for a post which monitors the implementation of law against corruption, blocking group members, breaking some of the & # 39; senior Army and Police officers), a Committee is We judged to recognize that the leadership of the National Assembly, National Assembly agencies, has contributed to creating clear changes in the & # 39; the public. prevention, detection and treatment of corruption activities; However, the situation is still bad, the situation is complex.

Receiving voters' views, in the future, National Assembly groups will continue to promote the implementation of a variety of ways to monitor the prevention and objection of corruption as a " Increasing questioning, Crucial scrutiny related to the work of corruption.

The Judgments Committee will pay more attention to & # 39; handle special corruption cases, analyze and execute; Investigate the investigation, investigation and judgment of bad and complex criminal cases including senior officers … On a survey basis, assessment and clarification of individual responsibilities, levels, branches and areas for constraints and weaknesses in disabling & fight against corruption. to make positive changes to achieve the "step-by-step step and to eradicate corruption".


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