Truong Nam Thanh and his wife appeared to marry a rare image

The Truong Nam Thanh wedding and her husband were held in a luxurious place and guests were limited.

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Last night (18/11), the Truong Nam Thanh and her husband officially celebrated the five star hotel in Hanoi. This is the beautiful end to the things of her couple.

The wedding is decorated with new flowers in a white toy. The Truong Nam Thanh bride in traditional dress and the bride in a long white dress, a crown head.

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With a very private life, her couple's marriage also has a restricts the media look. The team of men and women have a strong security team appointed to defend their party's area. In addition, Truong Nam Thanh also encouraged the guests to upload images to social networks to do things in private.

He is the leader of the oldest and most successful in the world - 2

The rare icon in the Truong Nam Thanh wedding and his wife.

South-west artists also fly to Hanoi to attend wedding parties of close co-workers such as Kim Chi's actors, Hien Mai, the one Ngoc Lan – Thanh Binh, Hoang Anh …

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Ngoc Lan – Thanh Binh is a man and a photographer by Truong Nam Thanh.

The leader is the oldest and best in the world - 4

Hoang Anh's actress has been drawn up in "Rice Rice Sticky Rice" as well as congratulating colleagues.

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Kim Chi, Hien Mai and the artist will be collecting at the Truong Nam Thanh wedding.

It can be said after the waves in a feature with a lot of beauty in the showbiz, it finally found that Truong Nam Thanh was happy to land with her; sign Hu Thu. She would have "one boat" and her own children.

By Thu Thu, the situation of Truong Nam Thanh is crazy with some girls over the age, and including Hoang Yen – a singer of Hoang My's chapel – is 6 years old and her & # 39; Thuy Linh model than he is 2 years old. Eventually, Truong Nam Thanh's business was over its years, causing him to leave Saigon to stay with her.

Truong Nam Thanh's possession is before he was a woman older than age, and gave children very

As a platform with many awards, as well as an actor, MC, Truong Nam Thanh is also receiving a special asset before the "flowers" …

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