Truong Nam Thanh married older than her age

The ceremony is held in a prestigious, prestigious room with bright white and decorated with many new flowers. Gown a beautiful black bride, similar to the wedding dress of the bright bride, a crown. A special day was held to keep the actor preserved in 1991, which controlled the star star star and the star star.

Guest line at Truong Nam Thanh wedding ceremony

Photograph: FBNV

With the participation of artists such as Trinh Kim Chi, Hien Mai, Ngoc Lan, Thanh Binh …, most of the guests are from Ho Chi Minh Port to Hanoi to see the happy times. Greetings of the second phase of the big world 2012.

Mrs Truong Nam Thanh is named Hu Thu, a businessman in Hanoi. They met both after the actor Pham Thuy Linh's whole module. From 2017, Truong Nam Thanh moved to Hanoi to stay with her husband. He stopped on a film and went to Hanoi to emphasize coffee, coffee and coffee businesses. Although Thu Huyen is older and has two separate children, the actress expresses sympathy and emotion; understand each other. He says there is no gap with his own wife.

Speaking of truth about "staying on the big leaders," said King 3 Manhunt International 2011: "When doing art, I have been familiar with public opinion, nature recognizing and accepting the way that I have chosen. Do what I do right because I believe everything is hanging on the coast, to correct the wrong thing, and this is the result of human life that makes art so that the feelings are taken forward, everything is causal.

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