Two grandchildren opened the door to shoot away from home forever in Saigon

(National) – was trying to find the fire & # 39; fire fires in the Phu Nhuan area and so the people would sing. At this time, the two grandchildren in the open opening totally leave the path out of the # 39; body.

First information, about 22h30 on 19/11, people are staying near the road along the line of the railway line at Duc Thich Quang Street, Ward 4, Phu Nhuan District, find Ho Chi Minh City smoke fire on fire A two-storey house should be in the singing road.

At this time, two grandchildren in the house tried to run from home to fire. Some use water, firearms, but miss them. Because there are many concessionary materials in the house, the fire is fired up wild.

Two grandchildren open the door to escape a fire fire house in Saigon - Picture 1.

Site accident.

Two grandchildren open the door to escape a fire house; escape in Saigon - Picture 2.

Fighters are fast at sight.

Having information, Phu Nhuan's police and firefighters in Ho Chi Minh's Town are Burn many fire appliances and many of the fire officers are currently. A few minutes later, the fire was completely controlled by the force.

The fire caused many buildings to be burned completely. Fortunately, you do not let people injuries. The reason was more than clarifying the level of damage that was investigated.


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