Two-storey home house is repaired, two staff are essential News

According to the original information, at about 10:15 pm on November 19, a group of staff has two storey house repairs on the corner of Han Hai Yuan – Minh Phung Street (Area 11, HCMC), to The balcony fell on the first floor of the house. At this time, a worker who was working on the first floor to ground fell, and another worker had a job; The bottom is also buried with heavy chest.
Two staff on the floor are repaired, two staff are essential - picture 1

A corner of the balcony fell, many concrete tiles on the first floor hung

Photograph: C.T.V

After the disaster, workers in the scene quickly put concrete blocks to the victim who was out of the disaster. Both victims were in hospital in an emergency situation.

At the scene, a corner of the balcony collapsed into the two story house, many concrete panels from the first floor.

Receiving reports, police C.11 was currently in attendance; blocking site survey, exploring the cause of the accident.

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