UEFA National League: Czech Republic to Slovakia Slovakia

UEFA National League: Czech Republic to Slovakia Slovakia
Czech 1-0 Slovakia

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With the benefits of the home, the Czech Republic proved to be comfortable when compared to the previous enemy to lose 1-2 in the first leg. With just one drag in the table, the right of the home is to go to; break and wait for Slovakia to & # 39; the hills.

In such a situation, despite being & # 39; Holding more members (sometimes up to 70%), but Slovakia also did not invade attacking a # 39; pressed. The Czech Republic is always ready to launch a "revitalization code" The enemy must crack.

After half an hour of growth, the Czech Republic opened the final scoring in the # 39; 32 minute summary. Starting from rough level Luda Slovacia, Jakub Jankto, is a mid-player player; bent Rome Roma Patrik leaves on the road. The keeper Martin Dúbravka gave the ambition for the guests back.

In the minutes, the two teams created some obvious opportunities, but the score is no longer updated. At the end, the Czech Republic finished second with 6 points earned from Slovakia.

In another game against Group B, Denmark gave a 0-0 home to Ireland. This result did not affect the record of the board 4. Indeed, as soon as the third round ended, Denmark has ensured that the space of Number 1 is long and long; It is hoped that the people of the Republic of Ireland will never leave.

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Group B

Table 1

Czech Republic Slovakia 1-0

Table 4

Denmark 0-0 CH Ireland

Group C

Table 3

Bulgaria 1 – 1 Slovenia

Cyprus 0-2 Norway

Group D

Table 1

Andorra 0 – 0 Latvia

Georgia 2 – 1 Kazakhstan

Table 4

Macedonia 4 – 0 Gibraltar

Liechtenstein 2 – 2 Armenia

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