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Many staff benefits are included in the Agreement

At his conference, Director of the Nguyen Manh Cuong International Cooperation Division, The BBC is not responsible for the content; on other websites. In particular, the commitments include freedom for society and co-foundations; eliminate your vacancies; abolishing children's works; Discarding all kinds of discrimination in labor (the level of agreement and maintaining the highest level of commitment in FTAs ​​in the world is a level of agreement); legal regulations and practical implementation of appropriate workplace at minimum pay, working hours and health and work safety.

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The outstanding commitment was expressed in a letter between the Minister of Industry and the Tran Tuan Anh Trade and the CPTPP Ministers, including: Vietnam made to fulfill all the duties (general commitment) from the end effective CPTPP with Vietnam.

For Vietnam's wide range (if that) related to the general commitments in the Labor Code, countries will not put steps for replacing Vietnam for three years. since the CPTPP came into effect.

Breasting from Vietnam (if there is) will not result in freedom of association and homosexuality, step-by-step countries to restore Vietnam for five years from its CPTPP date. During the period from the effective CPTPP date to five (7) years before the effective implementation of the CPTPP, the parties will monitor the issues that are in place; apply to the breach of freedom of association (if applicable). within the CPTPP Advice Lab framework.

A definition to be & # 39; including job assignments in Free Trade Agreements (FTA), said the Director General of the International Cooperation Department, in accordance with rules, when countries can not talk and & # 39; Participate in the arrangements Create a competitive advantage by reducing work levels. Compliance with the staff's circumstances and responsibilities is an incapacitated move for countries that participate in Free Trade Agreements (FTA).

What is a staff representative group doing?

It is an important part of the CPTPP that allows staff to establish their own production organizations.

Nguyen Van Binh, the former head of the legal department, Labor Ministry, Invalids and Social Affairs said that his / her agency operates under the Labor Code (not under the Commercial Unit law, Law on Societies – if that is ). This agency is based on working relationships, not the scope of the enterprise (within each enterprise) and the specific geography range. In particular, this group is not a socialist group and can not be able to; participating in socio-political activities.

After the employee has set up a delegation group, the employee must choose voluntarily to participate in the current or unitary unit. If you are outside the trade union, your independent organization must make registration procedures with her & # 39; an appropriate state agency, to meet the conditions as prescribed by law. When working, representatives of this group can only represent staff to vote for themselves, participate in workplace communication, negotiate disputes (negotiation or strike group).

Units groups do not want to do anything - picture 2Employees will be allowed to establish their own representative organizations

The MOLISA leaders also want to keep out of their ability to & # 39; establishment of representative organizations that means all the organizations are comfortable and for anything to do. This agency needs to work within the legal framework, aiming at healthy goals for the staff.

The assessment of CPTPP's impact on work and employment in Vietnam, Labor Institute of Social Science and Social Affairs, Dao Quang Vinh, said when they were doing. going to CPTPP, the regions that have Vietnam's advantages such as texture, shoes, seafood, timber processing, an electronic collection …

According to Vinh, when CPTPP comes to fruition, Vietnam can create around 27,000 new jobs annually; Staff income and skills have also been developed … However, salary salaries between staff are highly skilled and low, both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, Vietnam needs to change policies on employment, training, social security …

In terms of initiatives, some surveys show that large enterprises and FDI initiatives have explored and have better opportunities for CPTPP than those at home, small and medium-sized enterprises. In particular, many small and medium-sized experts do not know, or they know little about the future agreements and commitments of Vietnam.

"Careful provision of work resources. The most difficult part is how we will adhere to the benefit of our market when we go with CPTPP when the tax level is reduced. Quality and productivity Labor is the conditions for our products to be made in markets within CPTPP, "said Dao Quang Vinh, Institute of Labor Science and Social Affairs.

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