VHM, VJC, HPG bankruptcy, back from Vn-Index from 7 points

The session market opened on October 20th with careful psychology in the US market context has changed significantly last night and the VN-Index time has lost almost 7 points.

However, there was not too much pressure as it always was. The selling pressure was not too strong, although the fishing demand was at the bottom ready to grow rapidly.

At 10m, VN-Index gave just 0.17 points (0.02%) to 916.23 points, and decreased HNX-Index and Upcom-Index.

VIC has been chilled down today and is currently at VND96,400. VPB continued to attract good cash flow and increase the 300 VND of each division. In addition, the 3 bluehounds VHM, VJC, HPG grow very strong, and & # 39; contributes greatly to helping with & # 39; market.

However, the main agencies such as trips, banking, estate, oil and gas were still very careful and most of their stockings trading on the reference range.

TCM, TNG companies have grown well after a number of recent change sessions. At the same time, sea stocks such as VHC, MPC and FMC fall slightly.

Minh Anh

According to the Young Intel

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