Viet Nam will look out for Myanmar capture, A20 Cup A8 chart A

– Myanmar sets out some of the benefits that Vietnam can not take lightly. Do not forget, Antoine Hey's team is a 2018 A1 League AFF Cup, who was kicked at home and an ambition as Hang Seo teacher's park.

This Coach Park is: "Vietnam to Myanmar to get 3 points"

Cong Phuong singing AFF Cup 2018: Life changes when we change

Myanmar coach named Vietnam

BLV Anh Ngoc and mid-player Thanh expected on Myanmar vs Vietnam match:

Is Myanmar mad?

In terms of the feelings, as well as watching two Vietnam effects in front of Laos and Malaala in the AFF Cup A, fans of Vietnam must be named before the Battle of Myanmar's battle … a bit lack of discouragement. Not to mention, Myanmar does not have doors to do it; went off compared to the parent teacher of Park Hang Seo.

But, for reasons, Myanmar has a foundation to win the 3 points confidently before the Vietnam team when the AFF Cup was also very good at the guest, as well as also with a talented team of players. armies in the hands of Mr Park.

Vietnam was employed by Myanmar war: Watch out arrest
Myanmar is not easy to play …

The benefit of the home is also something to cope with Antoine Hey's confidence in the impact on Vietnam when everyone has seen Myanmar fans and how enthusiastic and indeed the strength of the home team is so close to Cho a lot of knowledge in recent years …

The worst thing before Myanmar lost the biggest competition in the series of friendly games before Myanmar lost the series of friendly games but won in the first two 201A AFF Cups. South Westerly

And Vietnam may have been better …

After saying that, after its first advantages of the AFF Cup in 2018, fans on Vietnam's job at this time are very confident in the home team, especially after three points win a great deal for Malaya.

However, saying that does not mean Vietnam is perfect, as it indicates that the story is `#; go wrong, or lack of detail in the last member, so that they can enter the HLV Park students' game. Hang is not very good when it comes to psychology very seriously.

Vietnam was employed by Myanmar war: Watch out arrest
… to Chongo and his teams want to go to; It benefits not simply

The challenge for midfielder (which is similar to the Hang Seo coach) is that Xuan Truong and Quang Hai are not big enough to see their ability to Defense, when two matches are Laos too weak, while Malayach is not very few.

There is another challenge, and even a real disaster for Vietnam based in the situation … Van Hau. It's something amazing, because this young child This Patron is always believing and has an important role in doing it; counting of regional agents.

But really, from the moment to the latest in the match against Malaysia, Van Hau has been very aggressive and has been back against the opponent is easy to get the ticket, even red is a red card.

Myanmar may not know the Vietnam team to be inspired by playing bad cards by Van Hau, but with the young people, the Hanoi defender fire has also been pulled to make the team difficult.

Myanmar may not be strong enough to fall down to Vietnam as usual, but when the Hang Seo Park coach team is not ready, he does not know what happened when the game was over.

So Vietnam is to watch Myanmar the best way if you do not want to regret after the whistle.

Mai Anh

"Myanmar will play an attack, Vietnam will be suitable for early tickets"

Both of the previous Macs and the expected National Metrics will be & # 39; attacking Myanmar in front of Vietnam. And this is the opportunity for the Hang Park Park to receive the 3 points …

Myanmar to win a Vietnam: Armor "American Lion" "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Myanmar to win Vietnam: Army of the "American Lion"

Myanmar is full of confidence before Vietnam leaves in the A A group AFF 2018, and to empower Asian "lemon" power.

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