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Hundreds of hostels have a panel due to & # 39; Viet Viet Air from Ho Chi Minh Town to Hanoi was at 7:30 pm 19.11 disasters after leaving.

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At 19:30 a.m. Vietjet aircraft will fly from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi on a VJ198 tour; take about 30 minutes to go.

The event caused hundreds of guests to express, but they did not know how to pray through the crash.

The flying servers want all the guests to go to the front seat, preparing for a bad situation.

Passengers drop off a ticket.
Men are praying after the Bietjet air crash.
The concierge will order the guests to go to the front seat.

At the time of death and death; death, still customers are still and hunting scenes on a Vietjet flight.

In the photo and pictures that were shared on Facebook, most of the guests on the VJ198 will sit on the front seat in the same place.

Most of the most

Many people think about what they are doing; do that? It is known that, when the plane collapse, to stay in this situation at a & # 39; the highest.

In particular, if the front seat is near enough to reach you, put your pieces behind the city, then cross on the other hand and put your hand on the sheet; First hand, put your head on your hand and close your tight finger. Sometimes the sitting that is just on the face seat is praised, and # 39; knitting the back of the head, putting the arms on both sides to protect the one. In a case where there is no seat at the front or if the face seat is not enough enough, bend forward, crash to & # 39; chest into your panels and put your head between the knees, the sites around your lower calf and hold on your ankles.

Many leave their & # 39; this postcard Brace.

Fortunately for all the guests on the VJ198 aircraft the pilot was to remove the air to Tan Son Nhat safely. After knowing the last fear, all the guests will be moved to the next flight.

One traveler on VJ198 said:When the fear is greatest, good luck should be a feeling. It is true that anyone who has never encountered a plane crash is scared. I also have a baby and an older one. My mother flying to Hanoi was the second time of life and was scared when she was told about the incident and she was told how. Staff say that the accident is likely to be made, no fear of anyone. When they came ashore, they marked them as instructions and follow everyone. When they stopped, everyone took hold of safety"

This is not the first time that the Bietjet plane was after it left.

On 19.2014, due to technical reasons, a Vietjet flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City ran at 11:40 mn on the Noi Bai airport for an emergency attack.

As scheduled, the Vietnam Vietnam Air 8667 flight to Ho Chi Minh City departs from the Noi Bai International Airport at 11:40 p.m. and a.m. arrives at Tan Son Nhat at 13:45. The team got a technical error and decided to return to Noi Bai. The airfield started safely at 13.5 hours on the same day.

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