Vietnam coming in the same round – Nhan Dan newspaper

"This is a hard game for us in the last two games," said Lau Hang-xo team coach. Raman has won seven goals and his competition is very good. Mami-sama is often ahead of them but they can swim last year. They will keeping a good cover, especially in the past 10 minutes Matches. "By explaining the strength of the challenger and the challenges that are waiting, the Hang-xo Coach is still in a position; show a good decision to win. "We have prepared and worked hard. Continuing to & # 39; win. The same idea and decision is as the furniture teacher, the Chong Phuong, who plays a great success in the team's national shirt, respecting the challenger: "This match, the team" We must play at least one point. "Cong Phuong also expressed confidence:" The last two games I've done twice, I gave me confidence , now my fitness is good. I will do my best to attract Myanmar's successful team and to be successful in this year's competition. "

After two bans, Mihai An-hui (German) home team coach is aiming for a ticket to the final round: "We have won six points but we still have a home range and" Our game is to win home games and support from many fans and players are not injured. "

Myanmar is a good control team but is not strong in ways of working, and Vietnam's team is better than a member and even though the opponent is in a position. Holding a bigger opponent against Malayis, our players are still winning. In Myanmar game, it is expected that the stripper will take A-ung Thu a & # 39; Thailand plays the home team. However, it seems that Vietnam's players are well aware of these measures from the guidance of Cong Phuc on "Myanmar Mama." He said: "I know well about Abramovich because of his many conclusions. He is a good, skilled player in controlling his / her member, going to a ball and perfect it perfectly, but this year's bus Pac Hang I have plans to make my companions. "

In Myanmar game, Hla-inh Bo's midfielder and Thane Than Uyn defender are very important factors. play this team. With strikers in a good order, they visited seven, but they were also the hands of opponents like Cambodia players and the Laos team "broke through the" net. At this time, the biggest benefit of Myanmar's team is the long-term home, & # 39; The Vietnam team seeks more specialized in the field, from attacking invasion. So, the country's fans are still hoping that our team will reach their final.

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