Vietnam game of gaming – Myanmar, Cup A A Group Group A 2018

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Vietnam and Myanmar share the two main groups of the 2011 A Cup. AFF There are six points in both teams in two rounds. It is likely to win its & # 39; 20/11 game to main location and & # 39; Avoiding the strongest team in Group B, Thailand in the final.

Myanmar benefits a home field; this game. However, Vietnam has an impact on their psychology as well as its. timetable. This Coachich Park Hang-ri-riot Cambodia weak challenged in the last, long & while the opponents of Malaysia are hosted by the team, the team is also aiming for the 2018 AFF Cup finals.

Vietnam's attack is good on the 201A AFF Cup. Two Ph.D. Chong, Anh Duc fire fighters, each game opened each. Vietnam's defense did not protect any goals. On the other side of the front line, Myanmar fell twice ahead of Laos and Cambodia, but they succeed outside.

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