"Vietnam has a fight on Myanmar, will not be an aggressive attack!"

Soccer expert Tran Duy Long said that Myanmar was defending to win a point. If the Vietnam team is a difficult attack, we can do it; falling into the defensive protest, making your team bad.

Tran Duy Long, a football expert, said: "I am totally confident about our benefits because we have a very good team of three players. In addition, Peter's manager is good, so he is not win the win and win the game. "

Sport - Tran Duy Long's Excellency: Vietnam against Myanmar, do not attack him!

Tran Duy Long football expert is confident in the victory of Vietnam's national team against Myanmar tonight.

In addition, Long said that our opponents have won two games and won six points, they may protect the protection of the population to win a home at a point and a & # 39; waiting for the front position. sharp sharp

In addition, Tran Duy Long's football expert identified the challenges encountered by the national team in the next game: "We will have an emphasis on playing a range, additional climate The food is also a barrier that can not be given to the players. "

"We should not be the goal of Myanmar even though they were in recent games played by weak teams that are often donated," said Long.

This is why Parker Hang-this is worried to the national team before the game with the national team of Myanmar on November 20 tonight at the Yangon Park.

"A sad home game, Myanmar played seven goals, and thanked the excellent way of attacking players, and our targets and we won them in the past.

The results in their new games are very good. Burma is often driven in the first place, but it can swim outside. They played well in the last 10 minutes of the game, "said Park Hang.

Strategies will help us to achieve their & Tran Du Long Long football expert said: "We have a team of clothes to control the game in the next game. In my opinion, Vietnam Fines still Leaving an 3-4-3 innovative plan like the two seconds and will not make much change in the first instance. "

"In this game, Vietnam's TV phone is strong in the middle of the field, Xuan Truong has a very good rhythm and so he can take the little board to take advantage of the right slot or distance long to the pace of the strike The ability and ability to grow like the Phoenix can grow, "said Tran Duy Long.

According to Long, Park Hang-this is still the starting point of the previous two games as the team is currently the same team, if the other changes are likely to cause closure to the team.

Additionally, Tran Duy Long's expert warned that Phone from Vietnam was aimed at playing and not attacking an attack and then the enemy's dangerous danger : "We have to pay special attention to players Aung Thu because this is a professional player in addition to their driving situation very well. If you're attacking it, we can do it. ; fall into the defensive movement, team face campaign. "

With many years of football experience, he said that Myanmar is a strong team, so Vietnam should be a reasonable health distribution to avoid tiredness at the end of time. "There is a consistent game style in Myanmar and there are often dangerous situations, so Vietnam's players need to keep a cold one in order to avoid the situation or damage," said Long.

Mr Long is also particularly confident in the protection of Vietnam: "Our protection is very good and in particular Van Lam is a senior carer who is always at normal and outgoing levels. A dead body. Van Lam and good players who are tough for the team to be more interesting in the attack situation.

"I still believe in the victory of Vietnam's national team. I hope it will be very difficult but we will affect Myanmar 3-1 and the Cong Phuong with Phuong score is very high at the time of the & # 39; off, "the scientist sent religion.

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