"Vietnam has been stronger than Thailand at the AFF Cup 2018"

Myanmar writer believes Vietnam has been higher than Thailand. T / H: Hieu Luong (from Myanmar)

Talk to Slai Kyaw Moe Tun, Akonthi, he was very fond of his desire to & # 39; See the team hit Vietnam on Thuwunna.

"There are five Vietnam and Myanmar meetings at the AFF Cup, we won 1, which was pulled 1 and lost 3, but I'm still hoping to win Myanmar," said Slai Kyaw Moe Tun. South Westerly

Before the game, this 35-year-old journalist has continued closely with the Vietnam team trip. He thought this was a frightful Vietnamese team, led by a good captain.

"About Hang Choach-here, what should I say?" He was a smart man and helped Vietnam's teams to become stronger in their lives. past year. It is a comparison between Vietnam and Thailand, and now Vietnam is better performing than Thailand at the 201 AFF Cup, "Slai Kyaw was divided.

Conducted by the Vietnam team, Slai Kyaw Moe Tun did not know the team's players. A memory on her & # 39; Most in the 14th Department of Vietnam team want to go to; identifying two goals in the past. Cong Phuong has never been the focus of the Vietnamese media and it's a way for Kyaw to find information about the 23-year-old easily.

Myanmar Correspondents: Thailand's Strongest Vietnam of Vietnam at 201 2018 - Picture 2.

The Myanmar writer also continued the Vietnam team at the two-day training center before the Myanmar game. Photograph: Hieu Luong.

At AFF Cup 2018, the Myanmar team defeats the Kyaw Ko Ko strike. It is expected that Aung Thu, the name before the name "Ronaldo Myanmar", 22.

Slai Kyaw Moe Tun said it was a bit difficult when Aung Thu broke his arm in early October this year. "You see, Aung Thu is still on the field and regularly trained, the game with Vietnam, I believe he still has a duty," he said.

Myanmar Reporter: Vietnam 201 is a stronger Vietnam than Cup 2018 - Picture 3.

Aung struggles You struggle with the motives but it does not have any effect on its & # 39; game in Vietnam. Photograph: Hieu Luong.

The game between Myanmar and Vietnam will take place at 18h30 (Vietnam time) on Thuwunna Stadium on 20 November. If they win, the Vietnam team will have the ticket to the finals.

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