"Vietnam is always in my mind"

At the invitation of the President of the Vietnam Socialist Republic Nguyen Phu Trong, the President of the Indian Republic Ram Nath Kovind and Vietnam State Tour from 18 to November 20.

On November 20, the President of the Indians delivered a speech at the Plenary session of the National Assembly.

Inner President who speaks at the Plenary Session of the Parliament

PSpeaking ahead of the entire session of the National Assembly, the Indian President stressed that all relations were important to India, but India had a unique relationship, a & # 39; including relationships. and friendship with Vietnam.

Vietnam is a? ASEAN's first country and the South Asian country he has visited as the Indian President. President Ram Nath Kovind said Vietnam is always in mind and Vietnam is very important for India's south-east operation.

India-Vietnam relationships are complex, with strong links in economic, political, and people's interchange. Both sides visited between the two transportations. In addition to India – Vietnam shared the common values ​​that are the values ​​of freedom, self-determination and respect of both Mr Gandhi and President of Ho Chi Minh a & # 39; follow from history. commonplace of both countries.

On a regional scale, India and Vietnam will still commit themselves to working together in areas of risk that are in fact; emerge as cyber security and multi-side forum. It is necessary to promote the outcome of international governance and globalization. Their international community needs to work together to address global challenges. The India recognizes that Vietnam has supported the use of " Creating a consensus and briefly accepted the United Nations Total Convention on Terrorism.

As Vietnamese and India 's national attempts are as the wishes and success of the people, the Indian President has emphasized: Strengthening business links and crucial links between the two countries in this process will play a vital role.

Both countries are now economically dynamic. Vietnam has led to exported growth by exporting, with India today the fastest economic economy that is in the world. grow in the world. Twenty-two trading has reached $ 12.8 billion by 2017 and India is one of the top 10 partners in Vietnam. Vietnam and ASEAN are also leading to the opportunity to trade in India.

"I am confident that active businesses from both sides, through this state trip, help Vietnam and India reach new economic milestones. India is happy to Return to Vietnam, "- said the Indian President.

President Ram Nath Kovind said Vietnam is always in mind.

The President also said that all India is also leading to Vietnam. In India today, Vietnam's food is growing increasingly, and Indian tea makers have become more passionate about Vietnam's coffee. Therefore, the President is willing to expand tourism between the two countries.

Both sides should increase aircraft directly between Vietnam and India to visit more people. The translates between people and people from Vietnam and India are built from one of the oldest people's exchanges in Asia, and the Indian-Pacific section is the base and face of the relationship. partnership between the two countries.

On behalf of Vietnam's National Assembly, the Chairman of the National Assembly gave thanks to the President's lecture on traditional relations between the two countries, the country and the people of Vietnam, on the achievements of Vietnam. in the construction and development of the country.

Chairman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan would like to thank the President of India's speech.

At this time, the National Assembly Chairman, Nguyen Thi, Kim Ngan, congratulated India for being the world's largest sixth largest economist, who wants to continue Achieving real benefits of socio-economic growth. Identify roles and occupations in the international field.

The Vietnam Partner Partnership Strategy is good on its way. Political trust between the two countries has been growing through its existence. maintains high-quality tours, contacts and agencies of the Party, the State, the Government, the National Assembly and the locals regularly. :

On good relations between Vietnam and India, the National Assembly's republican rethinking how Pham Van Dong's late Prime Minister said when he was visiting the India in the autumn of 1980: "Vietnam – relations in the morning because the sky is not scattered.

That relationship has been challenging and since 2007 it was built into a strategic partnership and a full strategic partnership in 2016, which corresponds to the nature of the relationship between the two countries. South Westerly

"The Vietnam Parliament is working hard to cooperate with the Indian Parliament to strengthen and promote the relationship between the two countries for the benefits of both countries. For peace, success, co-operation and development of the region and the world "- Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, Chairman of the National Assembly, stressed.

Le Tuyet / VOV

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