VietNam not to dream "scoring": A & # 39; win "Cup 1 Star AFF"

Interview with Hang Park This is the 2011 AFF Cup organizers

Shooter "scary"

It is true, despite the owners of the top football players in the south east of Asia, Vietnam that is not the only team among the largest football players in the department to win the tires AFF Cup Grid.

Cong Phuong is singing with two goals at the AFF Cup

Not even Le Cong Vinh (15 goals) and Le Huynh Duc (14 goals), who are always in the most famous "deadly" history of the competition, have never received this title . Although Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar have won the scorer.

Thus, Vietnam's Football Cup into the AFF Cup 2018 overwhelmed its dream champagne, and also He wishes to win the prize on the ownership of many good strikers such as Anh Duc, Van Decision, Cong Phuong, Quang Hai …

Unfortunately, after three trips in the AFF Cup 2018 concert, the largest title of the objectives was identified as chair. With seven goals in just two games, Adisak Kraisorn, a Thailand climber, shows a huge increase. In particular, he set up six goals in the opening game against Timor Leste.

Congratulations on Cong Phuong and Anh Duc – two players who have two goals need to achieve five goals. As long as it is, Kraisorn can keep her & # 39; going to improve at the same time.

In addition, not just a portion of "fire" looking for many opponents against the enemy network and the Park Hang motto This coach, although Vietnam can enter the final, equals 6 matches now.

Therefore, Vietnam Phone could be targeting another section, AFF Cup "Best Player". In the end, Vietnam's two players got the title, Nguyen Hong Son (1998) and Duong Hong Son (2008). Especially in 2008, the Nghe players went to the top of Vietnam.

Expectation Dang Van Lam

In order to re-establish similar performances, Vietnam should end the AFF Cup 2018. At present, among the players who play the "Golden Stars" major events can refer to the & Dang Van Lam football player – The model was very similar to Duong Hong Son.

Dang Van Lam plays an important role in defending them

At the 2018 AFF Cup, "Temple Guard" in Vietnam is still well suited to not accept the aims of the " donated. The strength, bravery, competitive sociology and sustainability of a Russian-Vietnamese guardian who help to protect Vietnam's protection; play very spectacular.

And that does not say too if the keeper Dang Van Lam is worthy of support for the Hang Seo teacher's park to attack her; war after 10 years. After winning 2-0 against Malaysia, reminded people of the English Queen, Cong Phuong, Van Duc … but Van Lam is desirable.

Due to the tremendous pressure on Malaysia, Dang Van Lam has a genuine professional quality and strong spirit in the defense, Dinh Trong, Duy Manh and Ngoko Hai. activities.

It may have been a long time, after Duong Hong Son's time, that Vietnam's phone could be confident in the position of a keeper. And this will be a big increase for Dang Van Lam if he still helps to & # 39; keep Vietnamese cleaned, and thus manage for its & # 39; championship and the title "A Player Cup" AFF Cup 2018.

2018 Vietnam Football Cup

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