Vietnam team and the "awful gun in the roof"

In the match against Malaysia, Park Hang Seo has made a huge change, using Phan Van Duc stone. This move has resulted in unsuccessful results for the Vietnamese team.

By using Phan Van Duc, it looks similar to its & # 39; Hang Seo Park coach

By using Phan Van Duc, it looks similar to its & # 39; Hang Seo Park coach

The SLNA midfielder played aggressively and was an important link in the Vietnamese team attack. One of the deaths of Phan Van Duc in which he built A & # 39; Germany to 2-0.

Vietnam's football is now great now that we have so many talents in every situation. That will help Hang Here Park; turn or offer a variety of different devices, suitable for each game.

A Vietnamese team player is not likely to crack at this time. Typically, Team Leader Van Quyet. The Hanoi club strip went out against Laos but sat down for his match against Malaysia.

Cong Phuong and Anh Duc were used in the past two games but are still in the hands of Hang Seo coach. They have quality staff instead of Tien Linh, Ha Duc Chinh and Van Toan. In particular, in recent years, Van Toan is considered to be a top source of the Vietnamese team with its & # 39; love after the place replaced.

At AFF Cup 2018, Van Toan was not used for a minute but that does not mean it is without use. Instead, Hang Park This is the HAGL player at its momentum. Sometimes just a "smoker spot" is enough to help Vietnamese team support a "Vietnamese" team. At the same time, Tien Linh also showed the danger in the V-League. The game also left a special idea after a game against Laos. In the same way, Ha Duc Chinh is also a surprise name when he goes to the field with his wise movement.

Van Toan is also a senior player at Hang Seo Park coach

Van Toan is also a "quality regeneration" coach Hang Seo Park

In the middle of the park, Park Hang Seo coach has played the mid player of Quang Hai, Xuan Truong, in the past games. They all did well. However, Park Hung is still at Park Hang Seo. This player will be started in the range when Vietnam plays a defensive game, "scanners" must be in the # 39; midfielder. Quang Hai is also a "gun" on the line if the player plays the position of the shield (as U23 Asian).

This Hang Park appears to be a huge contribution in every game but it is a delightful enjoyment. Even keepers can take a very important place in all calculations of the South Choir coach.

At the same time, Myanmar has no such fortune. It can depend on Aung You have much to remember. Remember, in a game with Laos, Anthony Hey's coach says "Aung Thu" is active. hiding. This shows Myanmar has less options to Vietnam.

It's not surprising, in the anti-Myanmar game, Park Hang Seo a & # 39; letting up new cards. Like Malaysia, Myanmar has a strong influence on a home area. Will Park Hang Is this an issue?


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