Vietnam Telephone: Knowledge between "the oven"

Burmese people appear to be quite different from ordinary football and football. On the streets, almost horn cars, everything is quiet, quiet and well-ordered. If you come to Myanmar centers, there will be a different view. Riddling, enthusiastic, hot and full of fighting spirit. Even on the field only, although the number is not full, Malayis fans also have a & # 39; shows the fire fighting spirit.

Vietnamese and Myanmar fans have many similarities. The most prominent goal is to put many of the goals through football. The country has a long time for closing and a limited exchange, but Myanmar has a lot to offer. They were a renowned team in Asia. At this time, the leaders and people of Myanmar want football to move quickly on the union's way into the world.

The people of Myanmar are in sequence but brutally in the centers

The people of Myanmar are in sequence but brutally in the centers

The banner is a football. Myanmar people have done everything for football. The major investments, foreign educators and a series of international competitions on the hospitality are for one reason, the team needs to move quickly, advanced, advanced in the world of development .

So, tonight, you have to confirm the opinion, our team will be in a & # 39; quarter of the enemy. The stress from the states will not be stopped and on-going; wallpaper, 11 Myanmar players are 11 bloody heroes, decision, rope spreaders and willing to do everything to win. Victimizing a strong team against Vietnam is the best way to set the home team.

No perils are clear. Gold 10 must be burned by fire. Vietnam's football needs to be a campaigner that I have been struggling in the storm to go to # 39; confirm their bravery and intentions. We have been hitting many strong teams by going to & # 39; Showing stamina and information through fast handling. But here the gaming, Vietnam needs to have a mobile phone space, another job, it is a good team that has a good, express what is in the ambitions of the opponent.

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