Vietnam v Myanmar: Final AFF Cup final results

(Myanmar) – Myanmar's influence on the field will help Vietnam to; employing 9 full points, and thus ticketing tickets to the final round one round.

Indeed, Vietnam's appointment is not a good chance to be & # 39; break through the level of the body, not the battle. At the AFF Cup 2014 and 2016, Toshiya Miura team coach and Huu Win coach won the tickets to the final round in a very definite way. Cong Phuong and his teams have also won seven AFF Cup seats.

However, the team's performance creates good reassurance to the games. Tuwanna Stadium Myanmar has a more positive game, Hang Seng park, a tutor officially recorded in the fourth round of the strongest team, challenging the AFF Cup tournament.

Vietnam vs Myanmar: AFF Cup Winners 1

Does Vietnam have a hit in Myanmar?

Myanmar does not have to compete with Vietnamese football players like Malaysia. In a two-year game ago, Vietnam was hitting the Myanmar range away with the aims of Van Quyet and Cong Vinh, in which Huu Win's team coach won its game completely.

Toshiya Miura, the first time as a "captain of Vietnam" is also a huge advantage with a 6-0 score against the opponent. Vietnam has never been lost to Myanmar in the AFF Cup – this parameter will help the team more confidence.

Myanmar is not the "easy" opponent in the AFF Cup this year. Antoine Hey's Coach team is managing a & # 39; provisionally recorded six points after their impact; has influenced Laos and Cambodia. In both games, Myanmar was at the forefront, but with the courtship to attract three and four goals in the & # 39; grid challenge. The tenancy is very young, but the Aung Thu battlefield with his teams is very spectacular.

However, compared to Malaysia, the Myanmar game style is pretty straightforward. The attack of this team is highly dependent on the owner of Aung Thu – the player is playing well in the Police Tier shirt (Thai league). The diversity, speed, physical strength and Burma expiration skills helped Myanmar to; raises more attack options. In addition, Muang Maung Lwin, Aung Lwin Moe or Soe Aee are not a dangerous nose with his ability to & # 39; Easy translation opportunities, it is easy to contradict the opponent.

Vietnam vs Myanmar: AFF Cup Winners 2

Myanmar (a red shirt) is not against the opponent.

Remember, Myanmar visited the first two games of Aup Cup in the second half. The numbers show the stability of the "White Angry".

However, in terms of force, Myanmar can not coincide with Vietnam at this time. Myanmar's attack is even a "feeding" with the defense picture – find out that this Park Hang coach has shown a great deal in Malaysia's game.

The security of defense helps Vietnam to stand strongly under the enemy's pressure. On the attack, the Park's best quality cards, as well as the "second choice", were enough to find the place in immensely immensely protected Myanmar.

Once the visit is being made, it will be easier for Vietnam to go to # 39; score. There is no home benefit, but the players have enough campaigns to add "sow" to the opponents in Thuwanna. All three points will help Vietnam to be suited for the semi-finalized conclusions, through which the line is located; measure the force to wait for the next enemy.

Vietnam vs Myanmar: AFF Cup Winners 3

Hang Seo Pàirc Coach will be widely considered if Vietnam is entitled to early tickets.


Van Lam; Dinh Trong, Duy Manh, Ngoc Hai; Van Hau, Quang Hai, Xuan Truong, Trong Hoang; Van Duc, Anh Duc, Cong Phuong

Prediction: 0-1

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