Vietnam vs. Myanmar 18h30 today: Waiting for this Hang Coach & # 39; to blow & # 39; Sport

After two trips, Myanmar and Vietnam have 6 points, with different (+5), but Myanmar was first started with more goals (7) of Vietnam (5). Malaysia won three times. At the end, Vietnam will meet Cambodia, and Myanmar and Malaysia have to fight with each other.

If this prize, Park Hang's coach teacher is able to "sleep a pillow" when the only one to meet Cambodia at home. Even though Myanmar, Vietnam is largely determined to win the punitive decisions, to theory we need another game.

Vietnam has met with Myanmar five times at the AFF Cup and is not available with four advantages and drawings. The final game in A A6 2016 AFF group in Thuwunna, Vietnam led by Nguyen Huu Thang's coach; defeat a 2-1 home team. If compared to the time, the current team is still watching Vietnam as Luong Xuan Truong, Cong Phuong, Van Quyet, Que Ngoc Hai, Trong Hoang … Myanmar is still a & # 39; Maintaining the force of the force. Together with a young talent with Cong Phuong, who appeared Aung Thu's opponent.

Following a 2-0 victory over Malaysia at My Dinh Stadium, the Park Hang Seo team is extremely fond of. Vietnam, as confirmed by Que Ngoc Hai, is very encouraging. The comments welcome a favorable outcome for the Park Hang Seo teacher. It is the case that's a # 39; Many people are worried at this time, perhaps, as the face of Vietnam opens to Myanmar.

In fact, this was a question raised before the Vietnam-Malaysia competition. There are many people in the professional who hope that the enemy will give a great deal, good control and proof of My Dinh's proper Malalaya. At this stage, the Park team is just outstanding. Vietnam won 2-0 Malaysia with the Cong Phuong and Anh Duc level. However, this is the most defensive game in Vietnam, with a percentage of just over 31%.

Coach Park Hang This has been the campaign to Vietnam for its defense, or the Chongo's early goals on changing team skills? Despite the cause, the grave will surely be waiting for the second presentation of Mr Park teacher, before the enemy becomes compatible in Panel A.

The point is very interesting, although Vietnam is very successful with strong protection, Myanmar is a team that is familiar with the control of the member. His team played strongly against Cambodia and Laos, who visited seven goals in two games. Laos and Cambodia are difficult to compare to Vietnam, but this afternoon game will be a test for both teams.

In addition to the problem, the experts also have a reason to wait for the wonder from the Hang Seo Park coach, because Van Quyet's "guardian" is on his / her; sentence against Malaya. Up to this point, the Coronary's armies are still there, reflecting on the product of Vietnam team through two games. A park is always aware of how you can surprise the fans, and the opponents may even be with the changes in staff and procedures on & # 39 ; bays.

After two trips, Myanmar and Vietnam have 6 points, with different (+5), but Myanmar was first started with more goals (7) of Vietnam (5).


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