Vietnam won the billions after the victory of Malaysia Sports

At the Malaysia team in My Dinh yesterday, the Park Hang coach army won 2-0, thanks to the Chong Phuong and Anh Duc level. This award was won to help Vietnam to & # 39; reaching the final of the AFF Cup 2018.

At the moment, Park Hang Seo boxers are second in group A when they have six points with the first registered Myanmar team but lost the number of objectives. Malaysia was third with 6 points, but more than one.

According to VFF, this 2-0 prize also awarded the Vietnam 1.1 billion bonus team. In particular, VFF received a 600 million prize, and the remainder is provided by a business team.

According to VFF, on 17/11, the team had a lightweight on the basis of a Vietnamese youth football training center.

On the same day, the Park Hang-teaching teacher moves to Myanmar to prepare for the third group A meeting with the hostel.

With the current status of competition, if the Myanmar guests in the game are on November 20, Vietnam will have a " go fast into the 2018 AFF Cup finals.


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