Vietnam's team added VND 1 billion into the grassy yard for 10 years 1006800

Tuesday, November 20 1818 16:36 PM (GMT + 7)

By closing a & # 39; The first two games will succeed in the level of the organization with 5 visitors to & # 39; Certainly, the staff of Park Hang is Vietnam's followers again to live in a passionate football scene.

There is joy for the tears of its color

In December 10 years back to My Dinh's court, the tears were safely broken in the joy of the impact when the stripper Le Cong Vinh, Nguyen Minh Phuong midfielder, Duong Hong Son's backbone, won the AFF Cup 2008 the prize for the whole country. Is it after ten years, new talents are seen as the "golden generation" which is once again the new pattern?

VND 1 billion joined the Vietnam team again for a grass court 10 years ago - 1

AFF Cup Victory History 2008

At the beginning of the AFF Cup 2018 level of the group, Vietnam's heroes do not make fans and fans persuade them when there are still scores that do not. Evening home even at the moment. Hope is closed to paint a picture in which the team keeps a golden cup on the green color of the green field, under the installment the color of rituals that it is; a fire shine from millions of Vietnamese people. South Westerly

Sublimation with the home team

In the spirit of happiness and joy of everyone, the Kingsport Sports Trailer has added confidence and strengthened a fundamental spirit of winning the country's team with a trust package of up to 1 Bronze a & Including money and related items for the whole team.

Not only does it work with its & # 39; AFF's year's Cup band, Kingsport is the one who always looks and looks at her. Stand alongside the national football party in a glorious, glorious battle before. : U23 Asia, Asiad 2018, …

Vietnam team VND 1 billion adds to a 10-year grassy court back - 2

Fine won its disappointment to Malaysia in the 2018 AFF Cup

Department of Kingsport Company Director

Kingsport CEO Le Truong Manh said: "We want to add something to the country, to the team. I hope that those small activities will help the team gain the prize of the prize to the country. And the best of the Everything, it's a pleasure to be New Year's celebrations and be happy! "

VND 1 billion combined with the Vietnam team to reproduce a grassy yard for 10 years ago - 3

CEO Kingsport has always moved

The Vietnamese team is playing with a & # 39; influence and interest in football play, there are also two unpredictable values ​​and are also a power resource to bring Park Seong Hang's forces closer to its; impact. With the force strong support, Vietnam's backbone has again been re-created on grassy grass over 10 years ago.

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