VinaPhone into the network's best speed

According to the data from SpeedTest, VinaPhone is the fastest mobile network in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and main cities.

Speedtest results from statistics indicate 1.61 million product results in Vietnam using SpeedTest in a & # 39; The first 6 months of 2018. SpeedTest data shows that VinaPhone's network values ​​are a & # 39; download / download The download speed is 27.51 Mbps / 13.16 Mbps, equivalent to 25.64 Luas Score.

With the results expressed by Speedtest, the quality of the VinaPhone internet route is suited to users who are web-based, and watch online video, play online games on their smartphone phones with high speed and low attendance.

In Vietnam, SpeedTest enjoys internet users to measure accessibility speed. Speedtest was established 20 years ago, with 21 billion trials carried out around the world. Every day there are 10 million trials with Speedtest. This app is trustworthy with prestigious sites all over the world.

VinaPhone into the network's best speed

The latest Ministry of Information Telecommunications and Communications Department of Telecommunications Department with the latest 3G data network also revealed that VinaPhone is much higher than its quality and business standards. This is the reason why ten million users use a VinaPhone 3G / 4G network to meet the demand that they have; continues to grow for internet access on their mobile phones.

Mr Tran Manh Hung, VNPT President, said that VNPT will broadcast 4G coverage according to a & # 39; market. It is expected that VNPT will cover 4G to 95% of the population and its; targeting national regional roads and roads in 2019. VNPT aims to ensure 4G coverage is good in residential areas.

At this time, VNPT has 3G coverage available on its 900MHz group. However, at high traffic points, VNPT needs to increase 3G capacity on its 2100 Mhz band for VinaPhone. The VNPT goal is to invest in 4G web coverage as wide as the current 3G network.

"Not only does service users have 3G and 4G service service but also the quality of the service. VNPT has invested over 21,000 GS stations and by 2019 over 30,000 stations are retained," said Tran Manh Hung.

Mr Tran Manh Hung also said, recently VNPT has been submitted to the VinaPhone 5G Ministry of the Test. This test allows VNPT to master technology and network networking in the future. In addition, VNPT is also a test to prepare 5G network equipment. Therefore, VNPT is ready for the latest 5G service to buyers after obtaining permission from the MIC.

Ngoc Minh

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