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VinFast vehicles immediately bought 8 giants; Vietnam miniators, which increase car purchases

There are 8 giants who sell Mercedes S500 real cars to buy VinFast 36 cars

Nguyen Van Dung, Head of Luxstay – Vietnam's home – a shared platform had been very fast at the time of sale of 36 cars VinFast, selling VND40 billion, and their cars to S500.

nguyen van dung.jpg

The 36 VinFast auto carcasses bought just from the first time of sale when the test was completed

According to the CEO born in 1989, successful orders and payments through the Adayroi e-commerce site (from Vingroup), ordered that there were 36 cars VinFast 18 Lux SA2.0 SUVs and 18 Lux A2 Sedans. 0. Total investment up to 1.8 billion VND.

The reason why this young Chief Executive is to give the Internet domain is a starting point, and so he is confident in the start-ups of products and, in particular, the a way to make Vinfast work.

As well as trying to buy 36 VinFast cars, Mr Nguyen Van Dung also has a " Mercedes Benz S500 sells it to use to move to Vinfast car.

According to it, it is located in the Mercedes Benz S500 to & # 39; provides a warm atmosphere but when sitting in the Vinfast Lux car, it is a confidence for the Vietnamese car.

Increase millions of people, and expand significantly in the use of cars to Vietnam

Not only does high-quality cars have to make more sales in Vietnam, luxury and good quality cars in Vietnam are also well-sold because the rich and wealthy people in Vietnam have a & # 39; grow considerably in some years ago.

luxury car

Growth about a millionaire, Vietnam is immensely rich, which includes luxurious, highly flexible consumption; grow bigger

In Vietnam, the vehicle market is very small in spending 200,000 to 300,000 vehicles a year, which is very popular compared to more than 2.1 million vehicles in Thailand. However, car companies are willing to focus on Vietnam now, and # 39; Bridging bridges with a strong increase in spending.

According to the report of Knight Frank, millions in Vietnam have now reached over 12,300 people, who have ten billion dollars, enough to have any luxury and luxury cars.

Previously, many high-speed passenger lines in Vietnam were imported into car format, diplomatic vehicles and vehicles used. In fact, this is the type of car that runs, the car will sell a cheaper sale price at a cheap price and the cars seem to have no competitive door at the luxury and superb cars.

However, from the end of 2016, there are not many policies to consolidate the export and export of cars, cars are used, old luxury car trading activities are now so big.

This tour is also the time in which luxury car business is easier to deter in Vietnam and will depend on many car companies that are keen to expand the business in in Vietnam.

As well as luxury messages such as Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, who are present very early and have a long time, taking gold land to open agents, Vietnam has seen many other cars to be known as Land Rover, Maserati, Cadillac. , Porsche, Lamborghini, Roll Royce are also involved in businesses or were imported by businesses to Vietnam.

According to statistics from the Vietnam Coffee Components Association (VAMA), in the last 3 years, they have enjoyed large SUV cars.

In 2018, the total amount of SUVs declined over 35,500 units, an increase of over 600 units compared to the same period of previous years. Lexus or Mercedes models have a great sale, with Mercedes of almost 4,000 units in 2016, lasting the last two years over 6,000 units / years.

In addition to the luxurious and luxurious motifs in VAMA, they have their own statistics, a group of cars of car exporters.

Thai and Indonesian cars "bring meat to break people", and # 39; grow into Vietnam

In the first two months of the year, the number of cars introduced from countries (most of Thailand and Indonesia) to Vietnam has expanded considerably on hundreds of trips over the same time last year.

nhap.jpg car

Thai, Indonesian cars were disturbing Vietnam

According to the General Education Department's statistics, the number of vehicles introduced to Vietnam had increased significantly in the first two months of the year. The total number of cars introduced over the past 2 months reached more than 8,400 units, an increase of over 360 hours compared to the amount of income in the first two month of 2018. The two markets in Thailand and Indonesia are still in existence; bringing major carriages to Vietnam.

In particular, in February 2019, the number of cars was increased with more than 10,500 units, with over 75% of total vehicles being imported over the next. last month.

The number of cars introduced to Vietnam in February 2019 compared to the same time in 2018 has been a big difference. The number of cars that were introduced more than 500 times increased as in February 2018, the number of cars to Vietnam reached only 20 units.

Compared to 2017, the number of cars introduced to Vietnam has made more than 6,000 units in February only and almost 9,000 units in the first two months of the year.

The main reason for a sudden increase in the number of cars at the beginning of 2019 was the demand for cars in January and February 2019. corresponding to the top of the major retail content of the car at the end of Year & Lunar New Year in 2019. The increase in orders on the car was back to Vietnam more.

In addition, the officers explained that there were too many adverse policies from 2017 – 2018, especially in 2018, that it was difficult for many vehicle initiatives to be introduced to Vietnam. Even Toyota, Ford gave 6 months to use administrative procedures.

By becoming familiar with and & # 39; match businesses policies more proactively and more orders.

By running "running" registration fees were & # 39; going up, people would go on to go to # 39; buy trips

According to many car dealers, the pickup pickup amount has begun to increase rapidly compared to the previous month, as it is only about 1 month (up to 10 April), there will be an increase on & # 39; fee. from 2% to 6% (Hanoi 7.2%) making more expensive election rates from 30 to over 60 million VND.

original car ok.jpg

It is likely to be "running" to get & # 39; Purchase of construction trips before raising a registration fee 10 April

At Ford's long-term salesmen in Long Long, Hanoi, the number of Ford Ranger Rangers ran for the two weeks (2-3 / 3) to over 7 units, and in the previous months, Altitude only 1 unit / day. no 3-4 days for sale.

Other car traders are also the same scene, car traders on Au Co Street, Tay Ho, Hanoi have received many orders, customer queries about the date of the car and the registration method. car.

Indeed, the dealers have recognized the tax increase for past tourists, so in 2018, the number of pipe products introduced and eaten in Vietnam is very limited , only 50% reaching compared to previous years.

Sellers, car owners know whether to increase the cost of the pickup truck but they do not know exactly what the agreed policies are, these vehicles have recently been moderately reduced.

"All of the trucks are imported to 100%, so the balance must be balanced, if we do not miss it, we got information about tax charging from 2017 – 2018 and officially when the draft Ministry of Finance issued the draft mandate 20, car dealers are familiar with increasing registration fees and initiating business plans, "said vendors of equipment.

At another car buyer on Nguyen Street Van Cu, Long Bien, Hanoi, the agent said he was actively ordered, prioritizing Canadian pick-up drugs to meet the demand for more purchases. event before the time of registry fee expires.

According to the VAMA report, truck trucks did not sell in 2018 low due to the choice of large users of their homelessness; They now enjoy great big models. In addition, the modules and modules get more and more, with prices ranging from 600 to 900 million VND, those who need to choose a sedan, attractive SUV or multi-purpose urban model chosen.

Does the old pickup truck get hot when the new vehicle registration fee has grown?

After the information on the new pickup truck that was registered for the first time being computed that a registration fee had increased from 2% to 6% and (7.2% for Hanoi), many a & # 39; believe that the old pickup is also likely to increase as local people are buying new cars into old cars by sending them; saving big money.

car cu.jpg

Older pieces promise to have a good sale when new cars are increased from 4% to 5.2% / unit

Due to a ticket that records registration for the second time, in accordance with the Government Organizing 20/2019 arrangements, fee but 2%. At the same time, with new cars, its fees 4 to 5% are higher than the value of their customers. car.

In fact, there is a normal sales price of around 360 million to over 600 million VND / unit, cheaper to life. New car from 200 to about 300 million VND / unit.

In fact, in the past, the sale of old cuts was difficult compared to old passenger cars from 4 to 9 seats.

The reason was noted because they did not win the old pockets from mobile taxes compared to truck trucks for their & The first time (when they did not increase their registration fee), they still had a general tax of 2%.

Along with that, the old pickups did not have any benefit compared to old passenger cars in terms of mobile costs.

At present, an old passenger car registration fee is 2% of the value of its remaining vehicle. Vietnamese customers usually buy time-to-day services from 3 to 6 years, the value is set at 50%, the registration fee will be 2% of 50% of car value.

For example, the car costs a 800 million VND, used for 5 years, the remaining value is only 400 million VND, the registration fee is not just about 8 million VND / car.

Compared to the registration fee for new pollution trucks and used at 2% of car value, this is a means that the old tummies are difficult to compete with the old market shopping cars.

Many types of cars have fallen in prices, new cars have been launched in Vietnam

At the beginning of March 2019, his & her; The Vietnam car market had a lot of information about discounted car modes, most of these modules had a bad sale. At the same time, Vietnamese users regularly get new models.

VinFast Lux SA2.0.jpg

VinFast Lux SA 2.0 has officially completed the commercial turnover, determined and awaited the day the customer passed over to customers, which was expected in the second quarter / 2019

Initially, Mitsubishi is a huge drop in the Triton and Outlander corridors. The Triton pickup model has been reduced by VND 25 million / unit, placed on the back cover and back camera. The 2.4CVT version of Mitsibishi Outlander also discounted a 51 million VND / unit.

Volkswagen "Beetles" sold in Vietnam also offers many incentives to Women's international customers like to " offers 40 million worth of insurance for special cars.

In March / 2019, Chevrolet dropped the price of two Pickup Colorado and SUVs Trailblazer 7-seater with prices from 20 to about 50 million VND, according to the 8X Buyer of the Van Xbox 36 cars immediately; Thai, Indonesia cars were deployed in the Vietnam model.

In addition to the models above, Toyota Vietnam also belongs to a series of digits; advances directly to registration fees or gifts. The modules that are related to its & # 39; Its major promotional package Wigo, Innova no Altis …

In March and April 2019, Vietnam's car market is promises many "creatures" when big cars are launched. First names Honda 2019.

Civil Warranties, in the second and third quarter of 2019, VinFast modules will be launched in Vietnam such as Fadil hatchback, Lux A2.0 sedan and SUV Lux SA 2.0.

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VinFast vehicles immediately bought 8 giants; Vietnam miniators, increasing the number of drivers to - 1

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